Books, "Practical Junk Rig" by H G Hasler and J K McLeod

Just one of the many books I accumulated when rebuilding Mignonne.

The Chinese or junk rig is incomparably safe, seamanlikeand easy to handle and regarded by many as the ultimate cruising rig.

These were the reasons why I, when rebuilding Mignonne decided to rig her with a Junk Sail.

When it came to finding out how to design and build the rig, the only place I where I could find all the information I needed.

Not only does 'PJR' examine the design and aerodynamic theory behind junk rigs but it discusses how to sail them.

It outlines the rig, theprinciples that underlie it, considers possible alternative shapes and arrangements and analyses performance, all assisted by a wealth of detailed line illustrations.

It covers everything from designingthe Sailplan, types and dimensions of Masts, how the Partners and MastStep should be arranged, to how to set up the Rigging and design andimplement the Cockpit and Deck Layout.

Every thing is covered from Yards, Battens, and Booms to The Sheets, Ghosters and LightningConductors.

This encyclopaedic volume, synthesizing 25 years of research and development of the junk rig as adapted to Western craft, examines the rig itself, its design, the aerodynamic theory behind it,and how best to sail it.

It is a work which has been welcomed by the growing number of yachtsmen and designers throughout the world who already enjoy the benefits of junk rig or who wish to do so.

It also considers possible alternative shapes and arrangements and analyses performance,

This is the most comprehensive work on the subjectavailable.

It is, by many considered to be THE handbook on junk rigs for anyone interested in the subject.

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