Books by John C Payne

The author John C Payne is a sailor, a professional marine electrical engineer and surveyor.

His long career in merchant shipping and the offshore oil industry and practical experience at sea has given him a unique combination of technical know-how.

His many books are regarded as authorities on all aspects of boating.

John also has several websies including, All About Fishing and Boats.

Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible by John C Payne

This is one of a popular series of easy-to-understand yet, thorough treatments of the technical issues facing every boat owner.

It comes fully illustrated with photos and technical drawings, from one of the foremost international authorities on marine electronics.

Understanding Boat Plumbing and Water Systems

by John C Payne and Jeannine Simon.

This volume is concise, compact, and fully illustrated for easy reference.

Covers all the major topics form Water Tanks, Pressure Pumps, Hot Water Calorifiers, Shower Drain and Sink Systems and Diesel Hot Water Heaters.

Also covered are Desalination Systems, Bilge Pump Systems, Bilge Alarms, Bilge Pump Maintenance and Sewage Systems.

Understanding Boat Batteries and Battery Charging

by John C Payne

This Book includes practical information on lead acid batteries. AGM batteries, gel batteries and general battery information.

It covers everything from battery ratings and selection to safety, installation, and maintenance, as well as charging, alternators, and regulators.

Understanding Boat Electronics

by John C Payne

This covers the major topics such as Position Fixing Systems, Electronic Charting, Echo Sounders, Fishfinders, SONAR Radar, Autopilots, Instrument Systems.

It also covers Interfacing, Noise and Interference Security and Safety Systems and Entertainment Systems.

Understanding Boat Corrosion, Lightning Protection And Interference

by John C. Payne

An easy-to-understand yet thorough treatment of technical issues of Galvanic Corrosion, what it is and how to avoid it.

How to protect your boat from Stray Current Corrosion and Reading Zinc anodes.

Components of Lightning, Lightning Cone of Protection, Improving Grounding, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), and more.

Understanding Boat AC Power Systems

by John C. Payne and Jeannine Simon

Concise, compact, and fully illustrated for easy reference to understanding Boat AC Power Systems.

Covering AC Power Safety, Shore Power Systems, Transformers, Shore Power Inverters and AC Circuit Protection Principles.

As well as AC Short Circuit, Selecting Protective Equipment, Cable Installation, Ground Leakage Protection and AC Machinery.

The Fisherman's Electrical Manual

by John C. Payne

The modern sport fisherman can customarily be found aboard a 12' to 26' trailerable boat equipped with an outboard motor and an astonishing assortment of electrical and electronic devices.

The Fisherman's Electrical Manual is the first book to sort through this bewildering array, helping readers to make the right choices for their individual needs.

Subjects covered include: outboard electrics, trolling motors, downriggers and ion systems, trim tabs, batteries and battery charging, boat wiring, sonar and fish finders, VHF and DSC radio, GPS, charts, radar, and autopilots.

Thorough, well-organized, and written with clarity and insight, The Fisherman's Electrical Manual will enhance the skills of any small boat fisherman through a better understanding of the installation, troubleshooting, and repairs of any and all electrical systems associated with the rod and reel.

Understanding Boat Diesel Engines

by John C. Payne

Book 4 in the series discusses fuel system maintenance, the function of filters, keeping the engine space cool, how to inspect a water pump impeller, the function of oil lubrication, engine layup, electrical troubleshooting checklist, testing the gauges; and much more.

The Great Cruising Cookbook: An International Galley Guide

by John C. Payne

Written with wit and clarity this book makes the business of learning to be a good sea cook much more entertaining than it might otherwise be.

This is an excellent guide to the task of providing good food afloat.

Also included is a lot of basic but-need-to-know stuff, like, what kind of fruits and vegetables keep and how long, how to catch fish and advice on galley equipment, safety, on board gardening (sprouting), and hundreds of really excellent recipes.




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