The WoodenBoat Series Books

The WoodenBoat Series books are a compilation of articles that have appeared in Wooden Boat magazine.

The advice is based on actual projects, some large, some small.

The advisors are all expert wooden boatbuilders.

These books are a gold mine of information that will help and encourage readers with the building of a new boat or the repair of an old one.

I found in both these books a gold mine of practical information.

"Frame, Stem & Keel Repair"

This book contains a collection of practical advice on the repair and replacements of keels, stems, and frames.

From why bent frames break, and how to fix them, every aspect of bending wood to yacht reframing.

It covers stem, transom and centreboard trunk repairs replacing floors and keel bolt removal and replacement.

"Planking & Fastening"

Gathered here is the information necessary for preparing to plank, clamping the planks in place, fastening the planks to the structure, and finishing off.

Covering everything from lining off the planking, plank curvature, the mechanics of fastening wood to a close look at wood screws.

There are articles on bungs, clamps, edge-setting planks to wedge-seam construction and butt blocks.

It also contains tips on scarfing, Lapstrake, plywood construction and strip planking as well as diagonal Planking.




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