used in the past without good results

by Roy

I've seen butyl used in the past without good results.

Trying to clean it is also a major nuisance.

Depending on the substrate that you're bedding to, I use different products for glass and wooden boats, load or no load also has a major factor.

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fell in love with it

by Leo

I have a good friend that owns a sailboat repair shop.

Last year when we put new nonskid on the deck we had to remove all decking hardware.

He gave me the butyl to use and I fell in love with it.

It makes installation so easy, virtually no clean up, and seals like nothing else.

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Butyl Tape

by Chipper

My father in law was an autobody mechanic for most of his later working years and he swears by it.

A type of butly tape is available in rolls and is used for windshield and commercial window installation.

I have also used the "grey stuff" on the old Scamper trailer I am also working on and it gets a cured surface on it but remains spongy.

It is also a little more costly.

I always have a tube and a chunk of the roll stuff in my workshop and work truck.

A little piece of the roll on a screw driver allows me to retrieve dropped screws from tight spots too.


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it does not keep well, unless you casn keep the air from getting to it.

It does fail in long term strorage.

I have never used it in a boat application.

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