Maintenance of a norwegian lapstrake

by Mary

Hi Folks - we have a pretty little wooden norwegian lapstrake, little used, and I want to get it out and put some miles on it (has been in storage in our garage) -

I vaguely remember the guy who gave it to us telling me something about swelling it, and oiling it?

Absolutely no clue what to do.

All I know is it is wooden and that he said it's a Norwegian lapstrake....any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to wet it first, oil it first, etc....I do know he said to use a good quality linseed oil.

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Taking-up and Oiling
by: Mike

Hi Mary,

Oil her first.

The oil is to protect the wood and enhance its appearance.

The 'swelling' or
'taking up'
is done just before launching, if she has bee allowed to dry out.

This is to allow the wood to absorb water and thus swell the planks so that they fit tightly together.

If you put her in dry then the seams are likely to leak at first.

Don't go filling her with water that will be too much weight.

Lay something absorbent in her and keep it damp for a day or two, or turn her over and put a garden sprinkler under her.

I hope this helps,

She sounds lovely, enjoy her and have fun.

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