"Little Sanity"

by Matt
(N.S. Canada)

The name came from what I wanted from this little boat, to get on the lake to do a bit of fishing and relax, thus giving me...a "little sanity" :)

This is my first boat build, the old plans were free, and found online and called "mustang".

I went with the 10 foot version to make it easy to put on back of my pickup.

The framework etc. is hardwood(mostly ash), the hull is planked with 1/4 inch fir and epoxy resin glued, stainless steel screwed and epoxy resin coated.

I changed the deck slightly from the original plans, and made my own windscreen and frame from 1/4 inch plexi and some stainless window track, and some aluminum rod (whatever I had around).

I have a teleflex rack under the dashboard, but HAD to use the boat before getting it all mated up to the 7.5hp evenrude,

I did purchase some marine vinyl, and foam to make backrest and seat pad, but haven't installed yet.

This project took me approx. 50 hours, spread out from the end of April 2011, to early June.

Although not 100% finished, my youngest son and I just had to get it on the local lake while the fishing was still good.

This little boat performs really well for what it was intended, and I had lots of fun building it.

I am considering another project now, which lead my search here to Mark's beautiful PM-38 photos, and so many other fantastic wooden boats. see "Bill Collector"


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Jun 14, 2022
by: Rob 50

I mention earlier of my father building a wood boat back in ‘58-59,just like the authors pix.

It was about 10’ would I be correct in thinking plans was called "MUSTANG"?👍

Jun 14, 2022
Home built Mustang wood boat
by: Rob 50

My father built a motor boat back in ‘58-59ish. Built from plans only no kit, hard wood frame and marine ply clad.

Brass screws were used throughout, as back then don’t think s/s screws were available and marine glue / resin.

It was near identical the the boat in picture.

He also built a trailer from angle iron all bolted together, barrow, wheels were used with bored out hubs to accept ball /roller bearings and just 2-3 leafs from old car suspension adapted.

Used on local river, but frequent locks were always a pain, went to sea in her a few times, but our local tide rise and fall of tide was 2nd highest in world, so trips out were never to long.
Great memories.

Dec 16, 2015
Little Sanity be my Inspirations
by: Rosdee

I'm on the way making folding plywood boat and this can be my first step idea to realize it.

Can I use 2/4" plywood for the middle part & side wall & 1/4" for front side?

Jan 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

You pretty much convinced me with the meaning of the name you gave to the boat.

Indeed this is how people should name something we use, rather than some stupid meaningless names.

Even I have small kayak.

Mar 08, 2012
Only 50 hours to build?
by: Anonymous

That boat looks great.

Aren't they fun to build, and even more fun to ride around in knowing you made it yourself!?

Only fifty hours to build though?

It took me more than that many days to build the PM-38.

I would say you did pretty good.

Mark Reynolds, PM-38 builder.

Feb 15, 2012
Thanks for the Comments
by: matt

Thank you for the kind words, I had a blast putting together "little sanity" and would do it again in a heartbeat.

I did in fact find these plans on the Svenson's site, many thanks goes to them for making these old plans available.

Does 50 hours seem unreasonable for a project like this?

There was a little beverage and head scratching time factored in also...

I made a mistake on the order of pics I had posted of the little boat, but I have pics of every step of the construction process if they would be of assistance to anyone, my email is matthew-moore@hotmail.com


Jan 10, 2012
Fast Build
by: Al DeForest

OMG only 50 hours! Looks great have fun on the lake.

Jan 10, 2012
by: Mike

She is looking good Matt.

She will look even better when you get those seats sorted.

I like her windscreen, it’s surprising what you can do when you use your ingenuity.

I presume you got the plans from ‘Svenson’s Free Boat Plans’ website, they have done a great job in helping to keep so many superb small boat designs (including the PM38) freely available.

Looking forward to seeing your next project,


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