A Very Small Boat Named Victor

by Lola del Mare
(Portland Oregon USA)

I just bought this boat - saved it from becoming a boat bookshelf!

It looks homemade and I wonder if it was made from a kit?

Is it a pram? A dinghy? a rowboat?

I have not put it in the water yet but it looks like the seams need some fixing.

I don't know anything about boat repair so would appreciate any suggestions.

I have not taken any photos of the areas that need repair but it looks like someone tried to caulk around the seams.

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Type of boat
by: John Piggott

Hi this looks like a Jon boat check out the Glen L website for details under Mr Jon. Also called a Garvey, Scow or bateau.

pram dinghies
by: Anonymous

If pram dinghies were not good for rowing and sailing how come they have been so popular for generations?

The Optimist is one of the most popular sailing dinghies in the world, with over 150,000 boats officially registered with the class and many more built but never registered. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optimist_(dinghy)

its a yatch
by: cal

Charles my first boat was a punt/ added a center board a sail with a little help.

I was plesed as punch it was now a sabow light but stable we did add a keel and a bike inertub to the senter board to prevent water push and drag and when you sit back the bow will rise.

There must be ten of these down in the bay where the boater that never go near a dock just need a pram to get out thats what its all about just repair it and get out


by: Charles Gatchell

Make it a bookcase. These designs ( square bow )
are terrible. They act like a snowplow !!

Better a Boat than a Bookshelf.
by: Mike

Hi Lola,

She will certainly make a much better boat than bookshelf.

I guess that you are right on all three counts, she is a pram, which is a type of dinghy, which is just a small boat that can be rowed or sailed.

I would imagine that those seams just need protecting with strips of fiberglass tape saturated with un-thickened epoxy.

And maybe some epoxy putty or thickened epoxy to fill any gaps before applying the tape.

She probably was home built possibly from one of these PM plans.

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