DIY Wood Boat Link Library

DIY Wood Boat Link Library, a list of online links which I believe may be of interest to other Wooden Boat enthusiasts, they are not intended as recomendations.

They are, however all independent sites and I have no control over their content.

Marine Conservation Societies (UK)

Seas At Risk


Australian Marine Conservation Society

Ocean Watch

Marine Life Society of South Australia

SaveThe Arctic


These are just a few of the Associations, world wide, that are doing sterling work to promote the building, restoring and use of wooden boats.

The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association.

The Traditional Small Craft Association, Inc, USA .

The Scottish Coastal Rowing Association/

Royal Yachting Association.  

Junk Rig Association

Back Yard Yacht Builder-Owners Association

The Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania

Old Gaffers Association

The Classic Yacht Association of New Zealand

Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club

Dinghy Cruising Association UK

Classic & Vintage Racing Dinghy Association, UK

Boat Building Schools

These are just a few of the Boat Building Schools that I know of that teach Traditional Boat Building skills.

However, as I have no connection or experience of these schools theses are not recommendations, they are here merely for your interest.

Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy

International Boatbuilding Training College UK


This is a list of Blogs which I have found to be well written and interesting, I hope you do too.

They are not listed in any particular order.


Bills Log/

Blog of the Cat Boat Silent Maid 

The Dory Man 

The Spaulding Center

Popular Woodworking 

The Chine Blog 

Seans Boat Build 

Thing of Beauty

Green Boats 


Sea-Fever blog 

Re-Birth of The Skyla Brianne

Assisted Drifting a New Zealand blogger building an Ian Oughtred designed rowing skiff.


If you have a Wooden Boat friendly club that you feel should be included in the DIY Wood Boat link library please let me know.

The Chepstow and District Y/C, UK.


There are several forums besides the ones here at DIY Wood Boat where wooden boat enthusiasts can swap their experiences, and ask questions, theses are just a few.

Junk Rig Forum

The Drascombe Forum

The Back Yard Yacht Builder-Owners Association.

Wood Boat Link Library

Sail Training

I have no connection or experience of these Sail Training organizations they are not listed here as recommendations, they are here merely for your interest.

HMS Rose Foundation

Sail Caribbean

UK Sailing Academy

International Sail and Power Association

Ocean Youth Club UK

Royal Yachting Association (RYA)

Skippers Ticket Perth - Perth Boat School  Australia

Sail Training International (Tall Ships Races)

Wood Boat Link Library; Websites

About Wagemaker Wolverine Boats

WoodenBoat Publications, 

All About Houseboats

Frugal Retirement Living

The San Juan Islands, Boating

All About Fishing Boats

Small Craft Advisor

Antique and Classical Boat Society

Australian Wooden Boat Association of Queensland

Free Boat Plans

Scale plans must come with a full set of off-sets.

And anything you print out at home will most likely be A4 size, requiring even closer attention to those off-sets.

All scale plans require careful lofting before you even think of cutting out the finished parts.

The PM 38 Club

In The Boat Shed


Yostwerks - Kayak Building Manuals

Free Boat Design Resources (search description=boat)

JEM Watercraft has some free plans here.

Wood Boat Link Library; Wooden Boat Supplies

As with most of the links on this wood boat link library theses are here for your convenience, they are not necessarily recommendations.

The banner links are outlets with which DIY Wood Boat has an affiliate link; DIY Wood Boat receives a small commission on products bought through the links, which helps to cover the cost of hosting this website.


Anglia Stainless Ltd (incorporating Combwich Marine Enterprises) for Silicon Boronze Fastenings)

Axminster Tool Centre

Boatbuilding Timber Supplies Supplier of sustainably produced local timber.

Classic Chandlery

Classic Marine UK

Point North UK for Sail Cloth and fittings

Robbins Timber

SML Marine Paints and Coatings

Traditional Boat Supplies


Jamestown Distributors

Clark Craft

Glen-l. Boat plans and kits

Dudley Dix Yacht Designs Boat Plans and Kits

Bronze Castings

Electric Boat Drive systems

Clint Chase Boatbuilder Small boat Kits

JEM Watercraft boat and canoe plans

EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers and canvas repair.


The Dory Shop

Noah's Marine Supply, Toronto.


Wooden Boat Shop

Michael Storer Wooden Boat Plans

New Zeland



Vivier Boats Boat Plans and Kits


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  1. Comments for 60s Sea Hawk

    Sep 23, 18 06:39 AM

    Does anybody know where I can get pictures of a sea hawk being built?

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  2. Palm Beach real estate developer goes vintage with Trumpy yacht

    Sep 23, 18 03:49 AM

    The Sea Tabby is Todd Michael Glaser's floating office for business. Photo by Viveca Ljung

    It should come as no surprise that when developer Todd Michael Glaser purchased a yacht, it was vintage.

    Read more by Christine Davis at the Daily News

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  3. The River: Remembering gatherings of Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen in Marietta, OH

    Sep 23, 18 03:49 AM

    The granddaddy of all the small wooden boats in the collection is the eighteen-foot Thompson Skiff, built in the 1880’s, and another “under the porch” boat. The “scantlings,” or dimensions of the Thompson, were measured and drawn to scale some years ago by the late Jim Stevens, an associate of the museum.

    For longer than most river folks can remember, the “Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen” have made their way to Marietta, Ohio each September, since 1939, for an annual gathering of the ever-dwin…

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