1964 26' Chris Craft Cavalier

by Theo Galzerano
(Huntsville, Alabama)

1964 chris craft 26'

1964 chris craft 26'

Well first of all, great site!

I have already printed off good plywood repair info from here.

I aquired this 26' plywood cabin cruiser, by repurchasing an old family boathouse.

She has been in the water for 20 years, in a floating boathouse on the Tennessee River, Huntsville, Alabama.


One of the last ones in North Alabama still floating.

I have done a lot of reading and asking, as knowledge of wood boats seems to be gone from this area.

I am asssembling a 'how to' reference manual.

I dove the hull, only finding small rot at the lower edges of the transom. Exterior plywood. On the side and stern pieces.

So I will have to learn how to repair that area.

I think it is 1/2" hardwood plywood.

A couple of foredeck water soaked spots, I believe I can fill in with some type of wood based epoxy??

And one area that is cracked through near the cabin window.

The cabin area is mint, cushions shot though.

Drivetrain has 592 original hours, a 283. Motor is not stuck, I did the right methods before turning over.

I can't find a reasonable trailor for this 26' inboard boat.
Thought of trying to build some type of yard dolly to pull it with, any suggestions?
Maybe a wooden one?

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Aug 27, 2015
by: Theo

I bought a custom trailer for a 26' chris craft, used, from a man with an identical boat as mine.

A tree limb fell on his boat.

So now I have a nice dual axle single inboard, redundant adjustable bunks trailer.

Jan 06, 2014
Cavalier and trailer
by: jeff

we have complete non water worthy boat and trailer.

Call me if you need any parts trailer etc..
4175882193 jeff in missouri

Sep 24, 2011
how's it going?
by: Ali

Just found this site, and wanted to shout out!

I've been working on my 68 Cavalier Futura for a year now and have had many experiences good and bad...

I didn't see a date on the thread and wondered if you are still at it or finished or moved on.

I may have the V-berth cushions you need and I'm in Atlanta, not so far from Huntsville.

I'm parting out a 1966 Cavalier 25' and have lot's of goodies for a DIY boater.

Lemme know aliwildatwork@hotmail.com

Mar 24, 2011
A Gem of a "Cavalier"
by: Mike

She looks gorgeous Theo,

I love the color scheme, really elegant.

And it is great that she is still afloat.

But that does mean that your first job will be to get her out of the water and onto dry land, where you can work on her.

Do you have a slipway where she can be pulled out on a trailer?

If not you might have to think about hiring a crane.

Thank you for the complement on my website, the information is however fairly general as my intention was to encourage and inspire others to restore and build Wooden Boats of all and any type.

Your Chris Craft Cavalier is a gem, she is worth restoring properly, so it might be worth your while checking out a more specialised website such as the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club.

However, please do come back and ask any questions and let us know how you are progressing.

And if you need any encouragement have a look at some of the other projects such as the work Bill has done on his 26' Andress.

If you want to add any more photos you can email them as attachments to me at mike@diy-wood-boat.com we would love to see them.

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