1959 Hiliner Fleetstar.......here we go.......(??????)

by Eric

Ok brothers here we go.....

I bought a 1959 Hiliner....it will be in my garage tomorrow.

Where do I start?

All original....the deck on the bow has warping on some of the small planks that have the white grout (?) between them.

ALL advice accepted...

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Aug 22, 2018
16' HiLiner Fleetstar
by: Chuck

Hi Eric,

I have the same year and model HiLiner with a 1962 70 H.P. Mercury which is a great fit for this boat.

I am presently involved with the restoration.

How can I help you?

I have been restoring wooden boats for many years.

I am 72 years old.

I intend to bring mine back to complete original specs.

I can lay out a detailed plan of action if you would like as to my strategy for the restoration.

I have always admired HiLiners and was glad to get my hands on one.

I bought it from the original company owner's grandaughter's husband.

How about that!!!

Best regards,

May 19, 2015
1965 hi-liner
by: Hubert

looking for windshield and bracket . 1965 Hiliner

Mar 05, 2015
Camies Speed Star
by: Shane

I love hearing about everyone's Hi Liners they are working on.

I have a 1957 Speed Star that I'm working on, If anyone has pictures of their speed stars I would love to see them!

Sep 17, 2013
by: Jay Scott

I have a 16ft Fleet Star.

I am Looking for a 19.

Anyone know where one is or if I can get the plans?

If you are interested in selling your HiLiner, let me know.


Jul 18, 2012
Restored, but TLC needed, 1960 Hi-Liner for sale
by: Carl Whitaker

Nice to find this site - was just out looking for some price/value information.

Bought this boat 6 years ago, stripped it to the bare wood above waterline, repaired, stained and varnished with 6 coats of Epifanes.

New marine foam and vinyl upholstery.

The boat has been sheltered continuously since restoration, and used very few hours.

Only issue is that the shelter collapsed under the weight of snow and snapped the windshield.

Had a new one made but it is not installed.

I am worried that it is too light-weight to support the canvas top...

The boat has a new 2007 4-stroke 70 HP motor on it.

This is a bit heavy but is safe, I am told.

Runs sooo smooth.

Linkage is original and a bit tricky.

Trailer included - new wiring that I cannot get to light-up??

Located in Ashburnham MA.

Still looking for a price and a buyer

Call Carl at 978-944-0843

May 25, 2012
Hiliner Items
by: jimbowes@yahoo.com


The www.hilinerboat.com site has been up for a bit.

If you send me pictures, i can add your boat to the site.

Hiliner used mostly Taylor components.

I don't have any nameplates, but I do have some of the rear quarter trim panels. (new old stock)

They came in two sizes.

Let me know what model you have and I'll see if they are the right size.


Mar 24, 2012
1960 Hiliner
by: james.hbrown@att.net

just garaged my father-in-law's Hiliner which had been outdoors under poly tarps for 10 years.

I have begun deconstruction....so far no serious rot that can't be dealt with.

I will be replacing frwd deck, adding inside chine along P and *B topside edges to match up with exterior chine, making new coverboards P & *B, modifying aft seating area and more.

About two years work I think...anyone have a source for period Hiliner hardware, nameplates, etc.?

Mar 20, 2012
1959 marliner inboard st. 6cyl.
by: wheelhorse 863

Can't find another anywhere, it's wood and I have a title that says MARLINER. It's 17 ft. long.

Any help out there?

Dec 05, 2011
Hiliner wanted
by: Randy

If anyone has or knows of a FleetStar, similar to what is pictured avalable for sale or any leads to one PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
randy_deary@hotmail.com or 978-808-6214.



Mar 22, 2011
Hiliner site update
by: Jim Bowes


This is the start of the Hiliner site.

I have a number of brochures from 57 to 62 that I will scan.

I also have a lot of old marketing photos.

I also need to put up pictures of my boats.

I will add a real domain name soon.

The site is set up as a blog where visitors can comment.

If anyone has any pictures or information that they would like to add please let me know.



Mar 22, 2011
Another Hiliner
by: Mike

Hi Camie,

Great to hear about another "Hiliner" restoration.

Until Jim gets his website going you can always tell us about your "Hiliner" here, we would all love to hear about her.

Mar 22, 2011
1957 Hiliner
by: Camie

I have a 1957 Hiliner speedstar with a Johnson 30 outboard engine.

I am looking for any reference information on the boat.

We are beginning restoration but the boat is in pretty good shape.

We are looking forward to seeing a website on Hiliner.

Mar 16, 2011
Jim's Website
by: Mike

Hi Jim,

I'm looking forward to seeing that website when you have built it.

I hope you will let us know when it goes live.

Mar 15, 2011
Hiliner website
by: Jim bowes

I own a few Hilliness, including s 60 fleetstar.

I am married to the granddaughter of Bunny Fernald.

Bunny was President of the Hiliner company.

I have been gathering info and pictures of any surviving boats.

I hope to put up a vintage Hiliner website.

I'd love to see some pictures and hear about the history of your boats and, with your permission, to include them on the website.

I can be emailed at jimbowes@yahoo.com .


Dec 27, 2010
Nice Boat
by: Gerry

I have a 1961 Fleet Satr identical to your boat.

My dad bought it new in 1961.

It is the finest wooden runabout ever made in my opinion.

The bottom of the boat is layered and finished with fiberglass.

I stripped the hull and did have some repairs to the bow.

Make sure you read up on re-attaching the bow planks to the plywood underneath.

You will have to pull the bungs out in certain spots and back the screws off and maybe re-attach the planks with epoxy and re-screw them in with clamps to hold them in place.

But take your time.

It is an effort worthwhile!

Sep 22, 2010
59 Hiliner
by: George

I own one of these boats it is a great boat.

How are you doing on yours let us know.

Aug 18, 2010
by: Mike

Hi Eric,

Has your Hiliner Fleetstar arrived yet?

They are beautiful boats.

So, where do you start?

I guess that all depends on what and how much needs doing.

You mention that there is some warping on the fore deck?

Again, it all depends on how bad it is, please tell us more.

Once you have her home you will be able to have a good poke around and assess the extent of the damage.

If you would like to post some photos you can send them to me as attachments to mike@diy-wood-boat.com and I can add them to your post.

In the mean time have a look at how Bill replaced the fore deck planking on his 1959 Andress Utility Boat

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