Why Lofting?

I am new to boat building and am reading "The Wooden Boat Manual" (Robert Steward).

I can't understand why the curves of the sections on the full-size body plan need to be "picked up" from a full-size profile/centerline layout, and not just laid out using the dimensions in the drawings.




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Wooden Boat Lofting from Plans
by: Mike

Lofting normally is done to scale up from a small plan to full sized drawings.

One reason for lofting is to show up and fair out any errors before cutting out the timber.

However, modern computer generated plans and offsets are accurate enough to eliminate much of the lofting process.

But because it is a 'flat' plan of a three dimensional object you can't just scale up to get the true dimension.

The 'sections' and the bow profile will still need to be drawn out on the loft floor, using the offsets, to get the shape right.

These days most plans are drawn up with computer aided design facilities and many can be obtained with full size patterns ready drawn and cut out.

However, the lofting process itself does allow the builder to get a better feel for how the parts go together.

I don't have a copy of that book so I can't refer to it but I hope this covers your question.


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