Where can I put it ?

by Tony Campton
(Cooroibah Queensland OZ)



I am building a small < 8ft boat (sail, row, motor)

There are no plans for this boat, just 3 years of thinking about it.

It is made of Marine ply and what is available at my local Hardware store.

I started a blog on it as a way of getting it on the net free to anyone that would like to build one, if ever.

It is the first boat I have ever built (I have built 3 Teardrop Trailers).

It is built on it's self, no strongback or frame.

It has 1 main and 4 smaller keels so it can sail in about 12in of water, given that the rudder will need to be a drawback due to size below water line.

The bottom is constructed with the bow first (bit of stitch and glue) and the keels, this gives the hull strength.

For the rest of the build the transom is tumblehome to twist the ply fore and aft to add strength and most of the fore is air-tank so will never completely sink.

This is an old style glue and screw and then just paint, rub, paint, rub, paint :) no glass.

Click here to view my "DIY 8ft Boat" blog.

I don't want anything more than how to get it out there for all to see.

Comments on how dam stupid the whole idea is are most welcome, as are encouragements if it is a good idea.

Also at this point the blog is a long way behind the build as I am not magic at doing stuff that is not building stuff.

Any IDEAS please?


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