Stony Lake Sailing Canoe

by Neptune
(Shelby, Michigan)

Known History: One of a kind sailing canoe designed and built around the turn of the century (1900).

I was able to secure it from outside storage and move it into my basement for the winter prior to leaving for the season so I don't know much about her.

I am a snowbird and plan to return to the house by May 1st.

It is built of Cedar with an Oak keel.

Upon first general inspection, I found some dry rot along the keel.

I would like suggestions on how to begin restorations as I am a novice when it comes to wood working and boat construction.

Pictures can be provided in May .

Send suggestions to:

Thank You

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Sailing Canoe
by: Mike

Hi 'Neptune',

It sounds as though you have quite an historic vessel there.

Assuming that your basement is dry then you've taken the first step to restoring her.

Next I would suggest that you cut away any rot and then treat the surrounding sound wood to kill off any rot spores.

Clearly this is going to depend on the extent of the rot, assuming it is rot.

As for anything else that needs doing, you will have a better idea once you get back to her in May.

I'm assuming that the Cedar is clinker / lapstreak planking?

I'm looking forward to seeing those photos, you can if you wish email them to me as attachments to I can then add them from this end.

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