Sea C Strider

by Robin Sales

Sea C Strider

Sea C Strider

I have a 1964 Sather 36' rebuilt fishboat that I bought 6 years ago and converted to a sedan cruiser.

I took her onto the hard 2 weeks ago for new survey,insurance,bottom paint,zincs and general out of water touch up.

She passed the survey and is insured but because slings were used to take her out and in she has now developed a constant leak on the starboard rear quarter.

I want to take her out and fix the problem properly but wanted to ask if anyone may have a a temporary solution as my budget was stretched on the original survey/fix up.

I've been told about floating sawdust in the area around the leak?

Using Fisherman's Cement on the inside? Is this regular cement?

Using Roofing Tar?

And is there an epoxy that works on wet wood? I know sikaflex doesn't.

I just need a temp fix till I can get her done properly in 3 to 6 months?

The photo is last year and have added stainless steel/wood railings, removed top tarpaulin and am adding a fwd.door on starboard side for easier access to tying up.

My Thanks to any suggestions


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Sep 17, 2010
Storm and Leaks
by: Mike

Thanks for the update Robin.

I'm so glad that you both weathered that storm.

And I'm pleased to hear that Sea C Strider’s leaks are slowing.

So, did you do anything to slow the leaks?

Or has she just ‘taken up’?

Sep 17, 2010
Leaks no more
by: Robin

Thanks for the information and advise it is/was appreciated.

When I brought Sea C back from dry docking I ran into a major storm and as I was travelling in fairly shallow water,close to shore and during a tide change the waves were fairly high, breaking on my 8ft bow at about 10-12ft and because of the tide change comming in various directions with those inevitable 9th or 11th waves that were larger and more ferocious.

I made it back in about 3hrs on a trip that usually takes 1, 1 1/2 on good days.

I was told by a surveyor ashore before the trip to not take her out in bad weather because of the leaking but had no choice.

Since being back she was pumping water fairly regularly-each half hour for about 5 minutes.

That lasted about 2 or 3 weeks and slowly got less and less and now she pumps perhaps once or twice a day for 1 or 2 minutes.

I was/am so proud of her,we made it back with no major problems,the engine was constant she faced the waves and tide and brought me home safe.

She lost the flying pegasus on her bow but will find her another.

Sep 09, 2010
Saw Dust
by: Anonymous

You get a bag of fine sawdust from a cabinet maker and nail an Ice cream container to a pole long enough to reach the keel.

You put the sawdust in the container and slide it down the hull (keeping the open end of the container pressed against the hull) down to the keel and around where you think the leak is.

The sawdust floats up the hull and gets sucked into the leaking plank where it expands and hopefully stops the leak.

I have done this many times and once we stopped a boat sinking in a matter of seconds I could not believe how quickly it worked.

Depending on the problem this may be a permanent solution.

Apr 10, 2010
Leaking seams.
by: Mike

Hi Robin,

Hi Robin,

Sea C Strider I like her name, (took a minute before I got it though).

Forget the sawdust, even if it did work, which I doubt, I don’t think your neighbours would be happy with you dumping a load of sawdust into the dock.

How severe is the leak?

It is possible that she will settle down and 'take up' after a few days back in the water.

Spreading tar, sealant, cement or whatever on the inside is only going to work if it sticks, which is unlikely on wet wood.

If you can identify the seam or seams that are leaking you could tack a thin lath of wood across the inside of the seam with some caulking compound underneath.

Only tack it to one side of the seam so it can move if the seam takes up.

Here's hoping she does settle down and 'take up' after a few days back in the water.

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