I just received a wooden boat.. For the cost of moving her.

She is a 1961, 34 ft Chris Craft Cabin Cruiser with a Flying Bridge.

Unfortunately, I have no idea of her history except she was given to my friend several years ago and had been sitting in a backyard, waiting to be rescued.

We will hopefully be moving her in the next few weeks to a work area.

She is very close to what I remember my dad's boat looking like when I was young..

Hence, her new name.. She is currently unnamed..

She sleeps 6 and has a full bath with shower, complete kitchen, dinette, bunk beds and a V berth.

She has been painted several times over the years but will be returned to her original wood with a clear finish.

We realize she is a big undertaking and she may not see water for a couple of years.

We anticipate that with some time, effort, TLC.. And oh, yeah, money, she will once again grace the waterways with dignity.

I will post pictures of her in the coming weeks.

While we are waiting to move her we are removing some of the interior parts and placing them in storage where we can refinish them.

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Jan 18, 2015
by: Dave Nor

So yours is the same year as mine.

Been looking for others.

Please take a look at mine, let me know if its the same one ok.

I have two postings of her, on the site.

My hull number is CAA-45-0018A 1960.

All I know about her for now, is that one of the owners replaced her engines, and the past owners bought her from Tacoma, WA just rotting away.

Now its up here in La Conner and she had work done and they put her up for sale.

The owner of the place took over ownership and gave her to me, if I will continue working on her and put it back in the water.

I will call her Ranger, after my Carrier that I served on.

Its taking longer than we expect to start the major work.

So what state is she in?

Jun 27, 2013
Information Plans, Manuals, etc.
by: Anonymous

you can go to Mariners Museum Chris Craft Archives and give them your Hull Number, CC information, what do you want as information goes.

I just received my packet for my 1960 45' Conni,
they made 56 of these.

And your phone number.

They will contact you in a couple of days.

They have all rights to keep every plan of all Chris Craft boats.

Hope this helps

Aug 30, 2012
Thanks for the email
by: Chipper

Thanks for the email and the link...she is truly a wonderful boat.

I have had an un-inspired spring and summer with LaDonna.

I did manage to open everything up and dry everything out.

I am still working on identifying the motors but at least now I know what to do to get it done.

My main goal for this year is to get a structure up over it so I don't have to dry it out again.

I keep saying I have less than 9 years till I retire and that is my goal to get her in the water before then...

However...every time I look at her I want it done now...lol.

Aug 15, 2012
A short update
by: Rob G

Its time for a short update.

I have found a place to move the boat to, and someone to move it.

I had planned on moving it this week but got derailed.

As I lost the lease on my house I'm on the hunt for a new place to live.

Hopefully it won't take long to find a place and get settled in so I can get back on track.

With some help from some friends in doing research, my boat is either a one of a kind or is one of a group of 97 that were made over a 2 year period.

I should know in a few days.


Jul 26, 2012
Chris Craft Resources
by: Anonymous

I have found that for a small fee this group will research your boat.

They claim to have info on nearly every Chris Craft ever built.

They also will tell you where to find hull numbers and what to look for, confirming if the numbers you find are valid.
The Mariners' Museum

Good luck.

It looks like a great rescue!!

Jul 25, 2012
Clearing the way
by: Rob G

Having contacted several boat movers in the area and all wanting all loose items removed and the deck cleared, I have set to that task.

Clearing 4 years of leaves and removing a mass of trim parts proved to be a bit of a task, but having the deck cleared is a big step.

That being done I have access to all the hatches and engine room.

I found that I had been slightly misinformed on the engines, we still have the original twin 283's.

After crawling through the engine room with a light it appears that things might be in a bit better shape than I thought.

The transom seems to be in reasonably good shape with some rot in the bottom where it meets the hull but that's about it.

Other major supports seem to be in good shape.

Currently, the head and galley are located in the front of the cabin, just before the V- birth, with a dinette and sofa/ bunkbeds in the rear.

I want to move the head and galley to the back.

Can anyone tell me if this will cause issues?


Jul 23, 2012
C C Rebuild info
by: Rob G

Skimming through other sites for boats like mine.

I have found a few with very good, detailed info that we plan to use to make ours a solid boat again.

I will post the links for those that might be interested.

Thanks for stopping by.




This is the link to the trip of a life time, "The great loop"

Jul 19, 2012
Forming a plan
by: Rob G

As we dig through the boat and note the issues that need to be addressed, we found several, and feel we can address them all with some help from some friends.

We need to replace several frames here and there, plan to re-plank her, strip and refinish all the wood, replacing what is needed.

The white covering on the roof areas has split in several areas so that will be replaced with marine grade plywood, covered with mahogany veneer with a clear coat.

Updated electronics including a flat screen at the helm with GPS and navigational aides.

The plywood on the deck is still in good shape and just needs to be sanded and refinished.

The area on the center of the bottom can be repaired.

So with a plan in mind, (if I still have one at the end of this) we will set off to the "boat yard" soon to start the dis-assembly process.

Jul 15, 2012
Thanks Bob
by: Rob G

I'm not worried about the "cracked" wood, on closer inspection, there seems to be a joint between the lamination that has split.

You may well have see her on Craig's list and eBay.

I'm so glad there were no takers on either.

The guy did not have the title so she would have ended up as scrap.

I'm going up to clean out some more of the loose party's from her and getting ready for the big move.

I'm trying to figure out the correct placement for the blocks.

I can strip the paint and get to the planks that need to be replaced.

I have only found about 4 ribs that need to be replaced.

I'm in the process of building a steamer so I can bend the new ones.

I'm also looking for a supplier for the wood to replace the needed planks.

If anyone knows of a source in upstate, NY please let me know!

Jul 15, 2012
A ton of work ahead!!
by: Bob Tuttle

Robert, I see you have gotten some info on your project boat...

I saw this boat on craig's list and possibly on ebay.

That cracked wood on the bottom is a bit alarming...

I know you will have fun with it and make it shine again.

Good luck and post more as you go forward.

Jul 15, 2012
Rob G
by: Chris Craft Sea Skiff Clipper

This is the only area on the boat that looks like it may be out of shape from sitting so long and being blocked the way she is.

Any thoughts from anyone?

Jul 14, 2012
Sea Skiff Clipper
by: Rob G

After getting an email from a friend, and following some other leads, and looking at the sales information that was in the book, I could be wrong but it appears that the Clipper started as a Cavalier, the addition of the enclosed bridge and the " Fishing bridge with dual controls" along with a second 283 engine turns the Cavalier into a clipper.

If anyone can confirm this that would be great.

Jul 14, 2012
Skiff it is
by: Rob G

Yes, George, it is indeed a Sea Skiff!

I have looked at 100's of pictures of Sea Skiffs and haven't seen any thing like her.

No one has the fly bridge or the enclosed bridge.

The fiberglass unit that holds the Gauges and engine controls that is currently on the bridge, I expect belongs on the fly bridge.

There is a complete double set of gauges sitting in the cabin in a box.

Jul 14, 2012
Thanks George
by: Rob G

Thanks for the input George, looking through the "little (?) black book" of information I got on her. I found all the wiring diagrams to replace all the controls, gauges, switches and steering on the fly bridge.

The original registration documents.

She was built in 1960 (registered as a '61) in Salisbury, Maryland and named "Scrimshaw".

Her official number is 503159, gross tonnage is 11, net 9.

Then there are some numbers that I suspect are her measurements, L 30.4 B 11.2 D 5.2.

The first recorded owner I can find was a Mr. Bucholtz.

He registered her in Conn. On, 11/23/63. Some time during his ownership, he moved her to N.Y..

He sold it to a Mr. Kaufman in Aug. of '82.

I have the registration papers from then until '87, then the trail ends.

We do have the engine Manuals and paper work for all the equipment in her.

Jul 14, 2012
Sea Skiff
by: George

It is a Sea Skiff.

With a fly bridge makes it is a rare Sea Skiff.

Who ever let that boat get into that bad of shape should be hung in the town square.

Is all the hardware in place?

Jul 12, 2012
Hidden treasure
by: Air Assault SSG

I stopped by the location that the boat is being stored today and talked to the gentleman that Owns the property.

He told me how he had put the boat on ebay for free, with no takers, and had a salvage crew ready to cut her up.

However, he wanted to cut her up in the yard which wouldn't work for the property owner.

Both cases having fallen through tells me that the boat was meant to be rescued.

He was glad to be getting his garden area back!

I found the hull numbers hidden under a mounting platform for a tank that had been added over the years.

After snapping a few pictures I left.

When I got home I had a message from a friend telling me he had come across a notebook that had all the information about the boat, down to the dealers bill of sale for $7,900.00.

I now have the drawing, and all the details including captains logs!

Jul 12, 2012
by: Rob G

I think I found the hull # can you tell me if this is what I'm looking for?

And she was last registered in 2004 as far as I can tell.

It was hidden under a mounting platform that had been added over the years.

The folk that own the yard she's in said she has been there for, four years.

I found a guy that has all the boat info, drawing and even the captain’s log…..

Too much detail to go into at this time!

More info later with an interesting story.

Jul 12, 2012
The video and as plans progress.
by: Air Assault SSG

First, thanks go to Mike for splicing several video clips together to compile what you see here.

As I draw up plans for our little lady in my mind (or what my friends think I have left for taking on this project.)

I plan on doing as much work as I can by myself, and with the help of a few friends.

From the clean up, removal of old cabinets and woodwork, re-planking needed areas, refinishing, new upholstery, plumbing and wiring.

The engine work will be left to the boys ..

No there won't be any hotrodded engines!

So as the vision for her becomes more clear, I am not restoring her for resale or to show but for our own enjoyment.

So we will be refitting her to fit our needs, with new amenities blended with her original styling.

Cloth upholstery, new pex and ABS plumbing, led lighting, a sound and video package that can be switched to any area.

And a new swim platform.

There are no signs of her ever having a platform before ....

To be continued....

Jul 12, 2012
More clips of "Reminiscents"
by: Rob G

Here is another clip of "Reminiscents" as she is now.

My long term goal for her is to one day have her put in the Erie canal system here and take the trip through the "great loop" from NY to Wisconsin, and through the canals and rivers to Florida, and possibly points beyond.

I'm looking through all the old photos, trying to find a picture of dad's old boat, for comparison.

This is the all the pictures I have for now.

Jul 11, 2012
by: Air Assault SSG

Thank you for the info Charlie, I take a peek in there.
Hopefully there will still be something there.

Jul 11, 2012


Jul 11, 2012
Hull numbers
by: Air Assault SSG

I'm trying to find her hull numbers, so I can get her information from the maritime museum.

I looked in the stern on the starboard side and found nothing. ;?( does anyone have any idea where else I can find her numbers?

I failed to mention in my first posting that she has twin 318cid motors, I have no idea if these where what came with her or if they are replacements.

Thanks in advance.

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