Chris Craft 1960 "Ranger"

by Dave Nor
(Anacortes, WA)

My Wooden Boat 18th of 56 made.

It’s a Chris Craft CAA-45-oo18A 1960 Connie.

I have been given this CC and while a couple of owners did some work already, I still have more work to complete.

I'm redoing her close to original.

Updating aft, fwd berths for better comfort.

Aft will have a single full bed instead of 2 singles.

All electronics will be up dated and a lot more.

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Mar 27, 2016
reply to Dave S
by: David N

Hi Dave S, no pine.

I'm trying to get all the papers from the Museum, on her..

I don't know what you mean by sister Frames, going to look that up.

I have to correct a few things here, like the aft, where the last owner cut into it, might have to redo the gally for the stove and icebox, fix that if its different.

When I get the paper work on the materials used, I'll use that to bring her back up.

As re-wire?/ lol yup, the entire boat and yes 50amps.

I have to redo the bow and a few sections of deck, was thinking of oak ply for the base, then the canvas, then after sealing, then the bow.

If you like to send me a private, then yea would help some.

Sep 03, 2015
CC Ranger Restoration
by: Dave S

I have to commend you for taking on such a big job! If you are going to do it right the 1st time.

I reviewing your photos I see a few areas you will have to correct.

Sister frames: Anytime sister frames are used they add weight and position of the strength points are shifted. It is best to replace. And I hope you aren't using pine for your deck/roof frames.

Electricals: The codes in 1960 were a lot different than that of 2015. A boat of your size should be ~50-100A (AC) and 100A (DC). In 50 yrs. your groundings are corroded and need replaced. The wiring harness is probably as bad. Re-wire the entire boat to 2015 standards and you'll be happy.

Dave S

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