Refinishing Wood.

by Doug

On the 1990 Sea Ray Express the wood surrounding the stern top has black plastic deviders in it seperating where the wood ends and and otther piece begins.

After applying a 2 part wood coating the coating bubbles and separates where the black plastic dividers are.

The happens after a couple years.

The rest of the wood is still like the day it was applied.

I am told this do to with the plastic streaching and shrinking do to weather.

What and how to handle this problem?

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refinishing wood
by: Anonymous

You don't say if this paint or varnish so I will assume varnish.

The trouble with finishing dissimilar materials whether on a boat or in your living room is the same.

They will react to temperature in different ways.

You have a problem where the two meet because your coating material can't stretch enough to compensate for the difference.

The clue here is in the term two pack.

It is sold to the user as being extra tough etc etc but in reality is often so hard and inflexible as to be useless for certain purposes ie dissimilar materials.

Epoxy based materials used on wood being one of the most common I have seen.

You will reduce your maintenance greatly by using a high quality standard varnish there are dozens of them.

Listen less to the sales blurbs.

Refiishing wood
by: Cal

Doug not sure what your using but I would tape out the plastic and the bubbles can be managed with a torch but like I said not sure what you are using. Good luck.

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