by Peter Watson
(Comox, BC Canada)

A blustery start to the Swiftsure yacht race.

A blustery start to the Swiftsure yacht race.

She was built in Frederkshavn Denmark back in 1903 as a fishing cutter.

The ship fished till 1935 then was conscripted into the Danish Navy.

I bought her from the Navy in 1978.

After returning to Vancouver island in 1979 I started on a intense, time consuming ,costly adventure to rebuild her.

In 1986 we set sail for the Caribbean where a couple of years were spent chartering out of Jamaica. She returned to BC in 1988

I removed the new interior and installed a insulated ,fiberglass fish hold and put her to work as a commercial salmon fish packer.

She worked for her keep till 2003, when she turned 100 years old.

I retired her from fishing and started to remove the fish hold.

A new interior was started in 2004 and completed in 2008.

PROVIDENCE is in need of more major work, I seem to have reached a time in life where muscles and joints creak and groan with pain.

She now sits in Comox BC awaiting someone with the funds and enthusiasm to continue the many jobs to be done to keep her viable as a seagoing ship.

if there are any dreamers and do'ers left out there, a fine and worthy project lies awaiting your capable hands.

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Jun 16, 2013
my little ship
by: Peter

Well since my last post re PROVIDENCE I have built and installed a new main mast, main Gaff, mizzen boom, some new deck planks unstepped and refinished the mizzen mast, plus a myriad of other little bits of work.

Since I received some photos from the Maritime Museum in Esberj Denmark of her fishing back in 1925, I now find myself with a moral responsibility to keep her afloat and in seaworthy condition regardless of the wrist and knee joint pain I am burdened with.

I have enough Old growth Douglas fir to replace the 2.1/2" x 14 " covering boards. OUCH

Dec 23, 2010
re providence
by: peter

Hey jerrid I tried emailing you no luck

Dec 21, 2010
What are the specifics?
by: Jerrid

Hi Peter, what are the specifics fo the situation? Are you selling her or ??? What needs to be done? Wha is her length & width, draft? The snap shot posted is beautiful, ay others?

Regards, Jerrid


Nov 25, 2010
by: Peter

so get back to me

Nov 25, 2010
by: chris

im up for restoring a cutter no problem for me as the canadian gov want me to work there may work out ok

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