Pond Models of boats

by Dan Greenwood
(Waukesha, WI)

I have an 1880's hull for a model.

It is 2 mast schooner and is 59" in length and 11" beam.

It has a keel designed for lead ballast which can be detached.

The boat has a 9"draft.

I would like to know how these boats were guided prior to the radio controlled.ones.

I have read some articles that has to do with something called "hydrovane".

Can anyone give me more information?

My e mail is dgreenwood7@att.net.
Thank you.
Dan Greenwood.

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May 27, 2015
Model Sail Boat Old School
by: Cal

Last time I sailed on a pond was with my uncle in London England.

The main sail and ruder were conected, as the wind changed the tention on the ruder yock by alstic bands would center the rudder.

The jib also had tention when the wind got it, just like the main it had a rail.

I think it helped that he was a master machinest tool and di maker and this all took place forty nine years ago.

But was a big thing its gone on to a new stage these days and the money the price of a full size boat.

They're no longer toys for little boys, navel arcatects show up for juding but I do like old school enjoy it.


May 27, 2015
Wind Vane
by: Mike

A "hydrovane" is a type of self-steering wind vane.


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