Plywood sheet sizes!

by Peter

I want to build the Handy Andy, but find that the only size sheet of plywood is 8' by 4', is it a good idea to scale down the measurements by 1'?

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Scale down or scarf!
by: Peter

Thanks for your help.

I am concerned about stability in addition to making things fit!

Therefore I will see if I can proceed by scarfing to get the 9' length, unless any of you can point me towards a similar design that keeps within the 8' x4' sheet limits.

plywood sheet sizes
by: Anonymous

Hi Peter, Not usually a good idea to shorten or lengthen a boat without first putting it past a naval architect.

It isn't as simple as scaling down because balances etc will alter but weight distribution won't be pro rata.

For the same reason it is definitely not a good idea to just move the transom in a foot.

She will drag her arse in the water and handle extremely badly.

Do it to plan or consult an architect.

by: Mike

Scaling down can be a bit tricky, you might have to do some fiddling to make sure everything fits.

Might it be easier to move the transom in by a foot?

On the other hand, you could either butt joint or scarf on the extra foot.

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