Out on the Water to Look at Some Old Boats

by Cal
(Ladysmith BC)

Up early today, I’m going out on the water to look at some old boats.

Found my third boat of choice, 37 ft Hodgdon Brothers William Atkins Elf design, price seemed ok on sailboat listing .com.

It’s in Maine and as you know I live on the west coast of BC.

The price seems just fine but I think I may be too slow, offer pending but nice boat.

We have a chicken shop in Ladysmith BC, this was my wife’s retirement.

She has cooking classes, she has chefs from sailing ships stop in on their time between boat moves, like from New York to Iceland.

Food and boats, how could one go wrong the wordly gourmet and yes boaters come in in droves.

It’s not a ships chandlers but she does try.

The 37 elf may go but I still have time, 45 has always bin a good number in Queen Charlotte Sound.

I spent meany winters in seas on 150ft boats that seemed small at the time but the 45ft works well in deep holes.


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Airborne lifeboat
by: owen

Hi Cal, I wonder is the welshmans boat an Uffa Fox designed one? that was made from cold moulded ply.

The Isle of Wight classic Boat museum has a restored one and Uffa gravestone includes an engraving of one.

They are pretty rare and as you say sail surprisingly well:

A Strange Old Boat
by: cal

A Welshmen down the road from me talked about making a trip in a small boat.

He has this boat, was just like him extrinsict like I had never seen one.

This boat was designed to be dropped from an aircraft for downed airman during the 2 world war.

And it has a small engine room galley and two bunks.

And sails surprisingly well and it has lasted with out much more then paint, little varnish and a trip a year.

The hull is a plywood lamination and tough as nails.

When I get my camera out of the box.

There's no chicken store here but a long story about a friend I worked with while towing logs rafts trough the rapedes.

He would leave to the head hence the name he acquired, Captain Tuna Chicken of the Sea.

Think its in the blood.


The Worldly Gourmet Kicthen Store
by: Anonymous cal

That’s it Mike, The Worldly Gourmet Kitchen Store.

It was built in 1944 and it was in real bad shape but just needed money and bling.

The wood in the walls that I saved was what you might find in an old boat shop full 2x10 30 feet long no knots 2inch thick, yes I like wood.

Two floors, one of the largest buildings in Ladysmith.

The old man that built it is still alive and was impressed with what we had done with it.

Hardwood doors big enough to drive a car in made down at the boat shop.

So, then there was what to call it.

So I asked the old fellow would your name up on this heritage building be ok?

So, the building became the "John Cochrane Building" cop.

But I think now it’s time to go sailing,

Thanks Jim love to read a good yarn as a child it was about the little people and old sailing ships,

by: Mike

Hi Cal,

Ladysmith sounds like a great place for wooden boats and chicken.

Does your chicken shop have a name?

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