bc has lots of wood boat yards cal hotrodstudie@hotmail.com

by cal
(Ladysmith, BC, Canada)

The best little yard I have been to is wood only is Cowichan Bay Vancouver Island.

When I first went there it was for sale but I was too slow like always.

But there are two there the one run by the township is also wood only they even allow you to use the ship yard toll-free.

A friend told me he had no idea what he was doing when he bought a project that looked real bad but the old ship right told him it was just wood go for it and he would be with him until it was complete.

Well Ladysmith has a wood boat society for anyone that wishes to be apart of.

It runs the gambit of boat art old boat restorations, museum objects, gatherings at the dock, a free dock for overnight visitors, people come from all over the states and this works for all.

The town here has a town bus looks like an old train picks up people from the dock drop them in town or you can walk this is a boater paradise.

If you want to build a boat in your back yard go for it, wood products are abundant, drop a prawn trap on your way in dinner on your way out/

Love to see restored wood, I picked up a few hundred ft of old growth oak from the bottom of a lake or there is the old saying go north young man and cut and build your own boat.

There's a clame that 50 cents of hour dollar is laying on a beach just weighting for an Alaska saw to show up, this has been done a lot.

An old friend Wilf Malof's book on the Alaska milling built boats in Sontola just up the road a bit.
If buracrats are preventing you from doing what our fore fathers did in the past to make a living or pay taxes move and hope they do not follow.


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Where I got my Handle
by: Anonymous cal

I drive a 1956 Studebaker pickup and when you first start using a computer you need a name hence the 'hotrodstudie'.

Last week Ladysmith days went well the toy boats were, what great can I say, one man had bought a tug from Britain, one I had never seen.

Lot of big wood sail boats, old men that can't go to sea but the dream never ends.

And conversations with marine architects, one that I had meet in my youth, he was in his late seventies now but it only seemed like yesterday.

We were taking about new designs, this man has done a lot for the boat world, sponsored young navel architects, helped with is it right or do we just tweak it Robert Allan.

Lots of wood boats but this week's the car show and I have to put my truck in.


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