Old glory

by Matthew Parobek
(Buffalo, NY, USA)

old glory port side

old glory port side

just a success story for encouragement.

I purchased a 1965 30' Owens Flaghip in 07.

Installed new engines, new electrical, new interior, new stem, re-chromed trim, reworked all other hardware, new paint, new aft deck, new roof, and lived to tell about it.

I have learned a lot and I love to talk to other boaters.

Feel free to drop me a line with questions or advice. mattipatti@yahoo.com

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Great Yacht
by: Anonymous

HI,You sure have a real nice yacht.

I have been on many of the new things they call yachts and they are uncomfortable creatures.

Some of them don`t even have side decks,you have to go thru front of bridge,etc, to get to front deck.

I like the real yachts like yours.

When I was growing up all I knew were the cool richardsons,chriscraft,pacemakers,etc,etc.

Like yours, those are real yachts.

Today's so called yachts are just ugly floating hotel suites.

Old Glory
by: Mike

Hi Mathew,

Just wanted to say thanks for your contributions.

Every bit of advice or opinion that will help folk keep these lovely old boats alive is worth its weight in gold.

If you do have any more pics you want to add you can send them to me.
Use this link to securely send me phoros,

And Bill,

You've just reminded me that I built a model just like that, I think it was from a balsa wood kit (?).

I guess that must have been my first boat building venture.

Just don’t ask me how long ago it was (some time last century).

by: bill

Oh Man thats one beautiful boat..do you have interior pics.

When I was young in the 60's there use to be cabin cruiser models of these you could buy..never did get one..still want one..just full size now...maybe next project once I finish mine..Thanks for the pic looks great!!

1965 Owens Flaghip Restored
by: Mike

Hi Matthew,

I'm glad to hear that both you and Old glory survived all that work you have done on her.

She sure looks splendid, you have every right to feel proud of her and the work you put into her.

It is very generous of you to volunteer to advise others, thank you, that is what this website is all about.


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