New Herreshoff

by Eric Olson
(Salem, Ma)

Ready to finish my new boat made with Okume ply and was wondering what you recommend for an inside oil finish.

Know linseed and terps is old standby but it gets darker and darker as the applications build up.

Curious about Pine tar and what you think about for this application.


Eric Olson

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Interior finishing
by: Jack


I agree with Dave and would use a mixture of raw linseed, gum turps, and a little pine tar.

This treatmeat not only protects the interior, but also allows the wood to breath. Paint on the exterior and mixture on the interior; works well for me.

Good luck

by: Pete


The most important thing is to protect the edges.

My nutshel was left behind a friends shed and turned to compost.

I row my peapod in Beverly so your boat is perfect for Salem sound.

The "edges" is where the delamanation will start and your beautiful boat will die.

I know this doesn't really answer your question but throwing my boat in the dumpster was not what I thought I would be doing this early in its life.

Your boat is too sweet to end like mine.

Hope to run into you on the water.

by: Robert Hawkes

If you go with varnish rather than oil go with a new can of high grade marine varnish.

Once you open a can of varnish, even the high priced stuff, the varnish will begin to darken.

Once you open the new can use it right away if you want to retain the light color of the wood.


Robert Hawkes, Rochester NY

by: Ned

If you want to keep the inside the original light color maybe you will have to consider using a clear varnish.

Tung Oil
by: Anonymous

I use Tung Oil then for a final coat mix in some spar varnish.

But it does darken the wood slightly.
It’s worth having a tin of pine tar if only for the smell, beautiful.

Wood Finish
by: Dave

I use raw linseed, gum turps, and a little pine tar the total amount mixted is based on 5ths.

The mixture changes a little per the use.

On new wood I use more gum turps its a good vehicle to get the oil deep into the wood and it acts as a natural anti fungal.

And has not presented any problems with cured epoxy use on the wood.

Boiled linseed and spar varnish makes a semi gloss, relatively hard dried oil finish also.

Good luck with the New boat....

by: pr

you can try deksolje

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