My Boat 1965 Owens Tahitian

by Steve Lawrason
(Elm Grove, LA)

1965 Owens Tahitian Double plank mahogany Double Cabin/Flybridge Yacht

From the looks of it, it all looks good to go, BUT LOOKS ARE DECEIVING

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Jul 13, 2020
need help with electrical
by: Anonymous

I have a 1965 tahitian and I wonder if you could take a close up picture of the voltage regulator so I can see the wiring.

Sep 10, 2016
need someone to survey 1965 26' owens
by: Al

Here in fort lauderdale looking to buy one but I dont have enough knowledge of these boat and salt water and wood bottoms

May 26, 2016
by: Steve lawrason

This boat is now free.

I have to move, I cannot take it with me.

Come get it if you want it, it's on a trailer, you'll need a house moving truck to move it.

It's free free free come get it please somebody save this boat

Sep 24, 2015
30 A breakers_William & Tammy
by: Dave S

Please, save yourself trouble in the future. Do not try to use any 40yr. old breaker boxes.

All of boat catalogs list new breaker assys. that are to recent codes and moderately priced.

The catalogs show photos with dimensions.

If it is the wiring issues that worry you I can send you a schematic that will guide you through the replacement.

Dave S

Jul 16, 2015
Owens double planked
by: Dave S

I have re-done a 32'Owens 20yrs ago.

The time (2 1/2yr) was well worth it! Because I used "cold mold" procedure there was no swelling nor smell from dampness.

I can contribute my skills to guide you through the task if you wish.

One of the 1st issues is where to do it?

The hull must be inside and dry during the complete job.

Mahogany is readily available and cheap (rough cut)and you'll need a "truck load".

I'll tell you the details later.

My project cost~ $18,000.00 including 2 new 350chevys, stainless tanks, lumber, (bronze) screws, and epoxy.


- Remove the engines, props/shafts/rudders and tanks. Store them inside.
The engines may need repowered.

- The tanks (if galvanized steel) need replaced.

- Block the hull on its keel and one chine.

- From the photos both plank layers are toast.


- Set a circular saw blade depth @ 1" and cut all of the bottom off saving nothing.

- Check the whole length of the chine for integrity.

- Replace the inner planks with 1/2" marine plywood cut in ~1' widths and coated in epoxy laid at 45 deg.
Keel to chine towards the bow.

- The outer planking should be 1/2" Mahogany planks ~5" widths.
Lay these 45 deg Keel to chine facing aft.

- Use epoxy on all sides and fill in the seams.


- Cut everything off as well.

- Replace the inner with marine ply planks ~5" wide chine to shear 45 deg to aft.

- Replace the outer with 1/2" x 4" mahogany planks (horizontal).

Opposite side, Repeat the same procedure.

Jul 06, 2015
hull repaired
by: Anonymous

The hull is in need of re-boarding ,

It needs to be rebuild as you can see by the pic's

I am about to sale my house and shop and moving to a smaller house and can't take the boat , if I can't sale it I will pull the motors and scrap the hull and trailer

May 05, 2015
i am looking for something like this.
by: michael frazier

What is the hury for wanting to sell or destroy and how low can you go.

Im looking for a life on the water.

What does she need to be sea worthy on the Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico.

Apr 30, 2015
by: steve

for sale by: steve lawrason
OUT OF TIME......IT'S GOT TO GO .....My 1965 Owens Tahitian have to go ........

First one with $2500 gets the boat and trailer and I have someone that will haul it any where in the USCALL ONLY WAITING 3 WEEKS THEN maybe a little more ( FIRE )318-540-8701 ( NIGHTS ONLY PLEASE )please someone buy this boat and rebuild it PLEASE ! -

See more at:

Nov 15, 2014
for sale or it's burning
by: steve lawrason


My 1965 Owens Tahitian have to go ........

First one with $2500 gets the boat and trailer and I have someone that will haul it any where in the US

CALL ONLY WAITING 3 WEEKS THEN maybe a little more ( FIRE )
318-540-8701 ( NIGHTS ONLY PLEASE )
please someone buy this boat and rebuild it PLEASE !

Jun 07, 2014
by: steve

Looking for blueprints for the 1965 Owens Tahitian.

Has any one ever seen them ?

Is there any out there ????

May 22, 2014
I have found fiberglass

I found fiberglass someone have coated the inside bottom.

It is very thick and looks like it has rotted the bottom hull, looks like the entire hull will have to be replaced.

Anyone know someone that can do this or guide me through it??

I love this boat but it may be too much for me to do!

May 13, 2014
30 AMP

Yes I will be home in a day or two and I will take some pic 's and post them , and any help is greatly appreciated.

I have to build a steam box and set up my miniature sawmill.

Looks like it will take me 2 to 4 years before my boat will float, and it's just because the way of my work schedule . picture's will be poste in the next week

May 02, 2014
my 63 Tahitian
by: Dean Bachelor

Hey good to see there is another one still out there, see mine at my you tube channel, just google blowinganddrifting and my channel should pop up.

I have had mine for 2 years and have found 3-4 others online, there are a couple on this site.

If you would, email me at the b&d @ yahoo and I will send you some links.


May 02, 2014
30amp circuit breakers
by: William & Tammy.

We have a 65 Owens Tahitian and would like to know if you still have the Owens and if so can you send us a picture of the box where the shore power and generator power go into opened up.

If you have also any spare 30amp circuit breakers or know where we might be able to get some?

It would be appreciated.

Please let us know one way or another. #

Thank you very much.

William & Tammy.

May 02, 2014
impressive boat
by: Jeffrey

Well that is an impressive boat!

I had a 27 foot Owens with twin Herculies (spelling?) engines (flat head sixes) which I partially restored.

If you post your progress maybe I could offer some ideas.

Good luck on your project.

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