63 Owens Tahitian 40' is now part of the blowinganddrifting fleet

by Dean Bachelor
(Petoskey Michigan)

1963 Owens Tahitian

1963 Owens Tahitian

Hey everybody, this is my first post here, I found this site a couple months ago.

I bought a 1963 Owens Tahitian 40' and then found the guy with "No Remorse" the same boat.

I have a 1985 Catalina 30 TR that we have sailed for 12 years, before that were a Sea Ray 24 for 18 years and a Sea Ray 16 before that.

This thing is a real beast, she needs some work but 90 percent of it is done.

The best thing is I got it for $2.252 DOLLARS :)

I will be needing plenty of wood advise on this one.

Thanks and stay tuned, Capt. Dean

If you Google blowinganddrifting it should take you to my sailblog and my you tube channel.

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Jul 17, 2020
need help with electrical
by: jeff

I need a picture of the voltage regulator wiring to help me get mine back to how it was. cptcorvair@aol.com

Sep 22, 2015
Owens; Blocking tips
by: Dave S

I've seen lots of bad blocking resulting in structural damage. This model weighs about 8 tons.

Note: the keel is built from multiple boards formed into 1 piece by screws and bolts.
The frames attach to the top of the "Keelson" and the rest of the vessel force downwards on the keel.

The entire weight of this boat is compressed down on the keel through to the blocking and to the ground. None of this can move even slightly.

Proper blocking starts at the ground which must be level, dry, solid gravel or concrete. Only now can the blocking be placed along the keel. Any movement along the keel will crack the keel and keelson. This is an expensive repair.

So, from the photos the "No-No" is blocking on the grass and dirt. Shimming only worsens the problem. No movement!!!!!!!!! Start with solid ground.

Good Luck!

Dave S

Sep 17, 2014
Nuts l must be
by: Anonymous




Dec 29, 2013
1962 40' Owens
by: Captain Chaz

Hello Captain Dean,

Late to the party, but congrats on the incredible acquisition.

Your Owens Tahitian is a true beauty.

I just joined the club saving a 1962 35' Owens Jamaican, the little sister to your beauty.

I bettered your price as I picked up for $0.00.

But maybe some more hull work as mine has a small hole and a few area issues.

Otherwise, great shape.

I'm in Grayling, my "new" boat is in Mansistee.

I HOPE to be able to sail up the coast this May to my slip in Cheboygan.

If so, maybe our paths will meet.

Seeing you're also restroring yours, I'd like to be able to ask you a few questions in the months ahead.
If you wouldn't mind.

Capt Chaz

Sep 27, 2012
Teak Deck is clean on the 63 Owens 40' Tahitian
by: Anonymous

Aug 27, 2012
63 Owens interior hull video
by: Dean Bachelor

This may be a little long, but it is a good look at the interior of the hull and the engines.

Enjoy and feel free to comment or contact me, thanks, Dean

Jun 22, 2012
63 Owens Keel Blocking
by: Dean Bachelor (Petoskey Michigan)

Thanks Ned, I am completely open for any advice I can get.

Here are some more pics of the blocking, I do have more that I could slide under and maybe drive wedges to snug them up.

I have been snugging the stands every couple days to be sure the ground under the stands is settled.

The boat is sitting in a spot that was a gravel driveway and only has about 2" of sod on top of it, so I am not worried about the ground it's on but I do want it to have enough support.

Let me know what you think,

Thanks Dean

Jun 22, 2012
by: Ned

Dean- Nice looking boat.

It looks like you might need to add blocking underneath the keel.

Wood boats need to be firmly blocked or she may settle and ruin the structure!

Good luck and keep the posts coming, with pics of course.

Jun 21, 2012
63 Owens Updated Info
by: Dean Bachelor (Petoskey Michigan)

I decided to trailer it myself :)

Ha, not really, as I was walking down to take some pics of the boat with the windshield in place and the canvas installed when I saw this photo op. :)

Finally and update for ya, I got the bimini poles and canvas all sorted out. I got some dock sections ready to install too.

My friend Mark loaned me a ship to shore radio, so I charged up a battery, hauled it up on deck, plugged it all in and YAY loud and clear.

I can hear boats and marinas from Boyne City, Charlevoix, Harbor Springs, Petoskey, and even all the way out to Beaver Island and Grays Reef Passage, all from 4 to 30 miles away!!

We gave a few more tours and drank a few more beers aboard over the weekend.
The cleats

The more I look at it, the more I like it.

I got to thinking about the detail they put into these boats, then I think of back in the sixties it was all about SPACE and SPACE TRAVEL this baby looks like a rocket ship to me.

We are anxious to start checking out the systems onboard.

We have decided that I need to install a couple batteries and see if the toilets work, and see if I can adapt a sewer drain system.
The stanchion bases are 7 sided

If it doesn't have an overboard pump out, that would be the first thing I will install.

Not that I will pump out onto the ground, but maybe dig a whole, burry a barrol and run a piece of pipe out from there, just so we can pee onboard.
The crown style tops with swept back cast fittings

By installing the batteries and hooking up some shore power, I can start checking interior lights, horns, buttons, pumps and all the rest of the stuff.

I don't know if the stove is capable of shore power or not, probably it is but will have to ck it out.

Same with the fridge.

So, I am looking forward to getting the dock set up in a ramp type set up, for easy on and off for everyone.

Later, Capt. Dean

Jun 14, 2012
Well, the big boat is home in the yard all safe and sound.
by: Capt. Dean

The 90 mile road trip up from Traverse City Mi. to Petoskey was uneventful, and I am glad of it.

As you can see it is resting nicely, it has had more attention in the last week or so than it has in at least 6 years I bet.

A lot of people have come to enjoy a beer aboard and a tour. We are anxious to get the bimini up and some chairs up on deck, oh yeah and a cooler too.

I have some dock sections lined up so I can set it up in its own slip :) it will be a lot easier to get in and out of and a landing for gear will be nice too.

Enjoy and stay tuned, please feel free to comment.

I am always looking for any HISTORY people can give me about these old classics.

I want to do it right.

Later Capt. Dean

May 30, 2012
Loading the 63 Owens Tahitian on the truck
by: Capt. Dean

Yesterday May 29th. 2012 we loaded the big Owens on the trailer and got it ready to head north.

It will be a 90 mile trip from Traverse City Michigan to Petoskey Michigan and my home.

I will keep it there for a couple more years till I get the restoration completed.

It should be here by the time you read this.

Enjoy and stay tuned,

Capt. Dean

PS. I have started another blog too, bachelorvalley.blogspot.com

May 25, 2012
The Big Wood Boat is gonna be delivered :)
by: Anonymous

YAY!!!! The big wood boat should be here wed. 30 and WE CAN'T WAIT.

Stay tuned for video and more photos.!!

Capt. Dean

May 07, 2012
63 Owens ready to be moved
by: Capt. Dean

I made a trip to the big boat this weekend, about an hour and a half away.

I got the shrink wrap off, strapped down the windshield and secured everything for the move.

I don't know where to go to post new pics and a link to the you tube.

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