Mermaid Lounge

by Darlene Summers
(Huntington Beach, CA)

The Mermaid Lounge Me & My Daughter

The Mermaid Lounge Me & My Daughter

I'm a girl...who knew that in 2015 that would be surprising for a project such as still is!

I'm restoring my 42' 1969 Grand Banks Classic.

She's all wood and even though still very rough, I think she's a beauty!

I'm doing most of the restoration myself using knowledge I gained from the home building industry (not always applicable!) and plenty of advice from the old timers at the Yacht Club and Youtube.

After 20 months I've made some significant progress.

Most of the work required is cosmetic and maintenance related.

She has nicely 2 functioning Lohmann 120's.

We have had to work on her electrical, propane and plumbing to get them up to par.

My goal is the FUBAR (so very apt) Cruise which leaves So Cal every odd numbered year for Baja.

I think 2017 will be my year!

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Sea King
by: Gary

My name is Gary. Am considering buying a 1972 GB 36'. Has 2 Ford Lehman 120's in Morro Bay. Would love to trade notes.

by: Heru

Hi! Love the boat and am looking for one as well.

Did your blog page change?

It wasn't loading for me.

Would really like to learn some more from your experience as I'm a first timer, too.

I'll also be in the SoCal area.

Keep up the great work!

nice project.
by: randy

That is a awesome project.

My dream goal is to purchase a large wooden boat in southwest florida and live aboard while I restore her.

My first wood boat project is complete, 1964 carver.

Now on to bigger and better.

looking good keep us all updated.

Supermom i respect
by: Mac Dee

I'm on my way making my first boat but you already rebirth the old boat by your own...

What's a fantastic mom u'r congratzz

Good stuff Darlene !
by: Harry ( the shantyboat builder)

Hi Darlene

Congratulations on your choice of boat.
I like the Grand Banks woodies a lot.
You have good taste .

I`m off to check your blog , should be interesting of luck with it all , I will be back to check on you lol.....

Thank You!
by: Darlene

Thanks so much for your support! ;D

fantastic team and boat,it will be good at 2017..

Wish you all the best from Germany.

Thumbs up, that is so cool.

I am suprised that you do all the work..

I am shure it's a lot of woodwork and it's ok that the engines are ok..

I know my english is shi...but it's amazing woman power.

Have a nice day by Stephan ..

Good on ya girl
by: Mike

What a superb project and it's excellent to have such an amazing goal.

I'll bet that lovely daughter of yours is proud to have such a super mom.

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