by Peter Radclyffe



She is multi-skin glued, I guess 30 to 40 years old.

I want to rig it to teach our children sailing.

(See some of Peter's previous work in the comments below)

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Where I'm working
by: Craig

I'm in northern Minnesota, USA west of Lake Superior.
Larson made boats in Little Falls, home of Bob Dylan.
Several other wooden boat builders back when (before aluminum and fiberglas), but those old boats are hard to find now.

Just started a blog to track the renovation:
This Olde Bote

by: pr

its about 3.5 metres, where are you working

by: Craig

How big is Mathilde?

Looks a bit like the Larson I'm working on.

by: Anonymous

More Photos of Patience.

Patience, C & N, 1931, 40 tons, Bermudan Cutter,
by: Anonymous

Thanks Mike,

Heres what it looked like when I surveyed it.

A C&N bucket of rot restored.
by: Anonymous

Read Peter's account of restoring Patience A C&N bucket of rot.

by: Anonymous

She is a lovely boat.

by: Anonymous

Yes i'll keep it small & simple , maybe a gaff

Rig for Mathilde
by: Anonymous

Bongiorno Peter,

Unless you are prepared to modify her, as in adding a deeper keel or drop keel keep the rig small and simple.

A small sprit rig up forward could be added quite easily without too much modification.

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