Marples 35

by Marlene Anne Sassaman
(Indialantic, FL)

It has been two years since I wrote a note or two in the DIY Wood Boat Forum.

During this time adding a personal blog has been on my to do list.

After 14 months of retirement living in my wood/epoxy cold molded mobile home I am taking a few minutes to share mostly facts about my Marples 35.

Be forewarned I am a vain, socially and emotionally charged female. Intertwining the zen of solo sailing is sure to be squeezed between the facts.

Where do I start?

How about suggesting you view an excellent video (see the comments below).

It was recorded by the grandson of wooden tris, Jim Brown. I say grandson because Arthur Piver is given the honorable title of grandfather of tris.

Jim studied with Arthur. The easiest way to access the video is through a google search: Marples 35 for Sale

The video was recorded when Jim Brown joined the former owner, Jo Hudson and another dude on a voyage from Maine to the Rio Dulce, Guatemala.

As legend has it Jo was preparing 'Good Enough' for some trans oceanic solo sailing.

Upon arrival at the Catamaran Hotel on the western side of the Rio Dulce. As Jim tells the story the two men embraced their arrival while conceding that their sailing days were over. It was a bittersweet moment when these two comrades, who had sailed together since they were 'kids' realized that octogenarians need to stay a little closer to the motherland.

At that time the boat was named, "Good Enough." I came to be her owner through a chance of being in the right place at the right time. Buying points for me included:

a) wood floats

b) what a legend she has

c) if she is "Good Enough" for Jim Brown well, she is "Good Enough" for me

d) 35 feet seems like a good size - not too big, not too small

e) rrunning rigging was laid out for single handling

f) engine room - clean and easily accessible from front and rear

g) yanmar engine

h) affordable

i) getting to sail her back to Florida

j) having an experienced wooden boat builder, Captain Kirk, survey the boat

k) sturdy

l) opened a friendship between me and my hero Jim Brown, whom I had read so much about......

Hopefully, I can keep up with this blog or import what I write on my SEA KNOTS blog.

Now that I am living the life of a solo sailing cruiser it is my hope to inspire other women to take to the seas.

Heck, if I can figure out how to get things done (not necessarily doing them myself) others can.

I am not technologically savvy, my carpentry and fiberglass skills are poor at best, and my attention to detail leaves a lot to be desired.

Still, I manage to get things done. Heck I solo sailed from Florida to New Jersey. sailed alone from Bermuda to Port Canaveral and two months ago left Everglades City alone for a 3 to 5 year odyssey.

Won't you join me?

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Split Curved Beam
by: Marlene

The split curved beam was bubble gummed together.

An epoxy/kavasel mixture was squished in between the split, then painted over.

Since that repair over two years ago the split has not gotten worse.

I believe it happened when the boatyard lifted her out of the water using straps.

I could not prove it, but now search for yards with rail tracks for pulling her up.

Great Minds,
by: Marlene

Hi Simon
Regrets about taking so long to appreciate your comment.

Many times I wonder what to buy should I ever need to replace SPRAY.

None in the same price range come to mind.

As we celebrate my 4th year of owning this fine craft I appreciate her more and more.

A guy named Adrian who lives in England has an interest in building one.

Other interests tho keep the boat on the list of to dos.

It is sad on the one tack.

On the other tack, her uniqueness fits well with my personality.


So thats where it went
by: Simon

Hi Marlene,
Enjoy that great boat and officially patronized by the great man himself!

I have made the conversion from cats and now actively looking for a Brown or Marples.

Not that many here in Australia though.

Keep an eye out for me.

Safe and happy sailing,

by: george

If you could use a deckhand with mechanical skills, construction skills, and a variety of less pertinent skills, I could me you.

Qualifications: No pride. excellent dealing with vain women, doctorate degree, commercial pilot, experienced sailing. and no schedule.

by: Jim

What a wonderful video. Wish it were longer.

by: Mike

Hi Marlene

Thanks for telling us about "Good Enough" your John Marples designed 35 foot trimaran.

Hope you don’t mind me posting this video of her, she looks superb.

How did you get on with repairing that cabin beam?


curved beam
by: Mike

Hi Marlene,

The curved beam that has split.

Is the split across a solid wooden beam or along it between the laminations of a laminated beam?

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