Living On the Edge With Sara B

by Susan

Living On the Edge With Sara B a sailing memoir

by Susan Peterson Gateley
New From Whiskey Hill Press

As another budget boater once wrote, just because it can be done, doesn't mean it should be done.

But when an unexpected inheritance lands in the author's mailbox and is spent on eBay for an elderly small schooner, a journey ensues.

Join Sara B's crew as they explore green water on the edge and meet a few of the folk who sailed there with her.

Edge dwellers all, they are hardy, adaptable, creative, and resilient.

Not always practical, but frequently amazingly ingenious, their actions will amuse and entertain you in this tribute to the little schooner who didn't sink and to a fast vanishing boating life style.


Excerpt from Living On The Edge With Sara B

"There are many ways to live a life on the edge.
Adrenalin junkies who race motorcycles, climb mountains, or sail the Roaring Forties live on the edge.
Then there are edge dwellers engaged in more mundane jobs and pastimes.
Many are Schedule C filers who reside on the socio economic edge-- small business owners, the self employed, rural folk who are into subsistence or perhaps subsidy by government agencies, family relations, or other entities, and, most interesting to me, those who live by their wits.
I know a number of edge dwellers who cling to the fringes of a middle class lifestyle by some sort of creative endeavor such as woodcarving, painting, website design, software development, or even by inventing stuff.

I am affiliated with a (very) small business by marriage, and we reside on a geographic edge-- the shoreline of a Great Lake.
Here, I have come to know and admire several edge dwellers who reside in my neighborhood.
In ecology the boundary between two very different habitats such as land and water is often a challenging but also a particularly dynamic and productive area.
Though the edge is a hardscrabble place, it has some of the best views anywhere.
And what better way is there to explore the edge between land and water than with a boat?

The boat that set sail in this story was herself intimately familiar with the edge.

She was a 'green water' cruiser, one who for most of her life had sailed shallows and coastal seas within twenty miles of land.

And by the time we came to know her, she was very much living on the edge, kept afloat by two bilge pumps and the tenuous force that owners of old wooden boats call ?memory? that still held her aged timbers together..."


Living on the Edge with Sara B, 132 page paperback, illustrated, is currently available only by direct order from the Author or from at a cost of 12.50$ plus 1.50$ for shipping. (U.S. only)

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