Interior finish over stain

by Al Hubbard

I'm curious about opinions on an interior finish over a stain.

Varnish or Oil?

Which would you elect from a maintenance/upkeep stand point?

This would be on a small drift style pram, stained marine ply.

I will glass and paint the exterior.



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Varnish or Oil Finish?
by: Mike

HI Al,

The usual practice with plywood is to seal it with clear epoxy, then varnish for UV protection.

I love the oiled finish on solid wood and it is easier to maintain than varnish, but it can soon go dull with exposure.

However, if she was built using epoxy as a glue or as a sealing coat the oil won't soak in anyway.

And the epoxy will need the UV protection that a good varnish will give.

If she hasn't been made using epoxy then the varnish will do a better job of sealing the plywood especially the edges.


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