How to Patch a Wooden Canoe?

I just got a wooden canoe at a garage sale.

I took it out and tried it out and the river was full of rocks and put a hole in it.

I was just wondering what the right way to patch a hole in a canoe would be.

It's on the bottom of the boat.

I've patched holes in walls in the house but not on a boat.

Whats the right way to fix this problem?

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Any advise would be helpful
by: Anonymous

How would I reinforce the bottom of the boat so it won't happen as easy?

Is plywood a good wood material for a canoe, will it last?

Plywood Caone Patch
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sending the photos.

She looks like a fine well made canoe.

She looks like she is stitched and glued plywood, so repairs should be fairly straight forward.

And the damage doesn't look to be too bad.

You need to sand back the paint around the damaged area and get it as clean and dry as you can.

Use epoxy to stabilise and fill the wood and finish off with glass-cloth inside an out.

Don't try to economise by using the cheap car repair stuff, for a wooden boat you need epoxy.

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