Helios, Ireland.

by Ann Marie

We found her in Co. Clare covered in white interior house paint.

We don't know how old she is.

We were told she is over one hundred years old.

After scraping THIRTEEN different paint colours off, she's revealed almost perfect teak/mahogany above the waterline and oak below.

We haven't started the inside yet.

However her bow was bent by the previous owner and a bad repair was done using lots of fiberglass and resin and we are unsure how to repair the damage, but we have just come across this website which is invaluable.

If anyone could possibly help us to identify a year or designer it would be great as we are trying to keep her as original looking as possible.

She's carvel built and double ended with a very pointy stern, not rounded as in Colin Archer.

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orgin of boat
by: Jim

Did you post my comment to Helios, Ireland that the boat is probably a converted life boat?

orgins of your boat
by: Anonymous

By the looks of her, I would guess she is a converted life boat.

Look inside on top of keel for type of serial number.

by: Ann-Marie

We should've said that she came complete with masts and three sails.

We have been onto the Traditional boats people and sent them photos and they think that her lines are too fine for a work boat and that she is a 'Victorian Gentleman's Daysailer'.

She is 19' LOD and her beam is 5'10".

We haven't come across the boatyard badge but we heard from the grandson of a previous owner that he remembers seeing a badge when he was a child in the seventies.

He also said his grandfather removed a castiron keel when he put the Volvo Penta engine into her.

I have also been onto the Maritime Museum at Falmouth and they could not shed any light either except that she was possibly an Achill Yawl but we will search for the badge some more.

by: p r

Does she have an iron or lead keel?
It may be a sailing boat

by: Anonymous

Can you contact the Irish , & Scottish, welsh & Greenwich maritime museums.

Don't sell her

by: Anonymous

She looks lovely, her prop isn't right/ according to pictures, what type of rudder has she?
Also is the keel led or timber?
What length is she?

Mick Byrne

PS. GOOD LUCK with her

Lucky Thirteen
by: Mike

Hi Ann Marie,

'Thirteen' must be your lucky number or at least Helios'.

She looks as though she may have started life as a work boat (fishing?), perhaps locally built.

The cabin top looks to be a later add on.

Have you checked to see if there are any registration numbers on one of the beams (main beam) perhaps buried under more of that paint?

Traditional Boats of Ireland Project website might be a good place to make enquiries.

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