Doing much with little.

by Ron

It has been years since I messed around with boats.

My latest thinking..

I keep seeing pallets laying around FREE for the taking.

I figured with resurfacing and cutting I could put together enough wood to do what I want.

I would like others thoughts on using pallet wood for building boats.

And yes I would try and stay away from really bad or cheap looking stuff.

Good or Bad idea, this could help many.

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More Thoughts on Building
by: Ron

While I have yet to start building my boat, I do still like my pallet idea.

I have been thinking lately about how little epoxy I can build with and still get a decent boat.

My boat would be stored dry.

I was considering just using epoxy and tape on some joints for strength.

I know more about stitch and glue building with plywood than more old-fashioned wooden boat building.

I seem to remember people sealing joints with some kind of rope that expands when wet.

Soon I hope to actually have a location where I can start building.

I will write more when I get going.

I am open to ideas or sources for more info.

Doing Much with Little
by: Cal

Well Ron, I have been making things from wood for a long time.

And working on boats for me has been where I got all the tools I need and yes its abundant ships dumped there dunnage pallets over the side or on the shipping barge.

Now we would collect this, some of this was not from this country hard wood, soft wood, red wood, alder so it's nice to be able to identify it.

We kept this a secret.

Cabins were built from it, so if you have the time and a little glue yes you could make a ship.

Lamination makes for strong and flexible boats.

I call it the mother of invention, if you want it think it.

Alder makes rough toilet paper but a strong stool or chair.

Make four stools from the alder pallet, sell that.

I got $1500 for a coffee table that will convert to a thousand foot of nice wood.

I could go on but very little is a fine subject

by: Mike

You might want to consider the 'Ashcroft Method' for building small wooden boats.

He devised the method to make boatbuilding easier and cheaper for the amateur with limited woodworking skills.

The main advantage of this method is that a round bilge boat can be built by the amateur with a minimum of woodworking skills and a few basic hand tools.

And cost can be kept down by using few expensive metal fasteners and easily obtainable lumber.

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