DIY Yards

Does anyone know of a DIY Yard near or on the ICW in central Georgia to North Carolina that doesn't cost an arm and both legs??

HELP/ I need to haul and repair a 57' Connie

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DIY boatyard
by: Rum Runner

There is a boatyard in Charleston,SC that is a DIY yard.

I have my own boat there working on it now.

If you would like further info, get in touch with me @ and put DIY YARD in the title.

I will give you the contact info.

DIY boatyard
by: Silvana and Don

The only one we know that is big enough and fairly cheap is the yard in Green Cove, FL.

It might be bit far for you but they are wood boat friendly and can take large vessels.

We are heading there next week to haul out for 3-4 weeks and work on Grace.

Must repair wormshoe sections and paint the bottom.

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The I word for Old Boats

by Susan Peterson Gateley
(Wolcott NY USA)

I saw a recent post about getting insurance on a fixer upper.

My spouse suggested an idea-here it is.

If people know of boat yards and or marinas that are "Old Boat Friendly" ( or at least tolerant) could we post them up here somewhere?

For example there is one marina in our area that still tolerates old wooden boats and repairs to same.

View Larger Map

It is called Bayside Marina and is located in Fair Haven NY.

They have a link on the chamber of commerce website for Fair Haven.

When we bought our old boat 6 years ago, we had to motor her 120 miles to get to a place that would haul an uninsured wooden boat-

Seems like this may be a problem for other brave hearts that are trying to fix up old woodies in the U.S. where liability laws and insurance and increasingly ruling the world...

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Mike (DIY Wood Boat)
by: Thanks

Thank you Susan, for passing on this superb idea, and my thanks to your spouse for the making the suggestion.

I have started a page for recommendations here with the Bayside Marina as the first of hopefully many entries.

By the way have I selected the correct location on the Google Map?

Insurance, and other four letter words.
by: Larry

Thank you for the great information.

If anyone has more information on this topic that is a bit further south, say Florida, please let us know.

Fair Haven, NY is just a little north for us and especially at this time of year.

While I would not wish this headache on anyone, it is comforting in a cruel way, to know that we are not alone in this insurance nightmare.

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Vacamonte - Astillero Nacional, Panama

by Rosalind Laing
(Panama, Republic of Panama)

This fishing port shipyard - - welcomes wooden boats.

It has the expertise - wooden boat shipwrights - to build and repair wooden boats and can provide woods at exceptional prices.

The total rebuild of the 1914 wooden gentleman's racing schooner "Ranger" was completed here at a fraction of the cost of East Coast yards.

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Wood Boat Restoration in Helena Montana

by Frederick B Goughnour
(Helena, MT USA)

Just moved from Minnesota, to Helena MT.

Have been restoring wood boats since 1990.

I am building a shop this spring, and will begin working on some pet projects and scheduling any customer projects who are in the area.

I have a couple of projects lined up already,and will be trying to get my name out in the area this summer.

I'm confident there are other wood boaters out there to share my passion and knowledge to ultimately get to enjoy some cruising.

Frederick B Goughnour 952.378.0016

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Koehler Kraft

by Liz
(San Diego)

Koehler Kraft boatyard in San Diego allows Do It Yourself projects on wood, fiberglass, and steel.

They are a full service boatyard as well as diy.

They specialize in rebuilding and restoring classic wooden yachts.

Koehler Kraft is San Diego's longest standing full service boat yard located on beautiful Shelter Island in America's Cup Harbor.

Koehler Kraft has been a family-owned and operated boat building and repair facility since 1938.

Do-it-yourselfers are welcome anytime!

THE 21st ANNUAL WOODEN BOAT FESTIVAL was held on June 18TH AND 19TH 2011
Each Father's Day Weekend wooden boat owners display their craft at The San Diego Wooden Boat Festival.

More than 80 wooden craft, ranging from row boats to regal schooners, were on hand for viewing by the public.

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DIY yard in San Diego, CA area

by George
(San Diego )

I'm lookihg for an inexpensive diy yard near-by San Diego.

Want to put most of my limited boat budget into the project and not in a landlords pocket.



DIY Boat Yard Search
by: Mike

Hi George,

There is a link to a San Diego yard here which allows DIY.

But if you check out their website it aint cheap and there appear to be a lot of caveats to DIY.

I could very easily get into a rant about the red tape, health and safety legislation, etc, that these day makes running a yard or any business for that matter such a bureaucratic nightmare.

There are still some places that are diy orientated but they do tend to be short on facilities and hard to find without local knowledge, which is why I set up the above link.

Sorry that this isn’t helping you much, I just wanted to ask you to let us know if you do find somewhere suitable so that others can benefit.

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Wood boat expert in Florida

by Tom
(Naples, FL)

Can anyone recommend someone in south west Florida, Naples area that does wood boat maintenance.

I have a 17 ft 1958 Chris Craft Sportsman. I need someone to get it ready for the water and keep it pristine.


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DIY boatyard on the Thames at Brentford

by John Watson
(London, England)

Visit 'Lot's Ait' Boatyard to see London's new boatyard offering DIY and assisted DIY boatbuilding and restoration facilities.

View Larger Map

Over 5000 sq foot shared workshop, woodworking machinery, slip, hardstand, tidal dock.

Currently being restored, the yard will be open for business this spring.

So register your interest early on the site to reserve your space at Lot's Ait Boatyard

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