Directions for sea band ginger gum

by Cathy Dowling
(St. Matthews SC)

There are no directions on the sea band gum saying how often it can be taken.

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Anti-Motion/Sickness Glasses
by: Michael

A company called 'Boarding Ring' has invented some anti-Motion/Sickness Glasses.

The manufacturer explains that motion sickness is caused by a sensorial conflict between eyes and inner ears.

The glasses show a 'virtual horizon' in the wearer's peripheral field of view, this follows the real motion which is felt by inner ears.

It is claimed that the glasses avoid, definitively and permanently, motion sickness.

Well worth trying for those who are afflicted.

by: Anonymous

Chinese sailors were famous for never being seasick because of ginger.

The only thing to remember is that it is preventative and not a cure.

I have used it successfully with nervous guests in the form of a non alcoholic ginger wine.

A goodly glass of this one hour before sailing definitely does work.

To avoid making the guest feel like they are troublesome I usually have a glass with them.

It helps to kill the taste of ginger if you add a large whisky.

Alcohol must never be given to those prone to seasickness.

I am not.
Lucky aint I

by: Michael

I am not a doctor and fortunately don’t suffer from seasickness but the impression I get is that the main ingredient is just Ginger.

It can according to the manufacturers be taken at any time even by children and pregnant women.

The inference being that there is no medical limit to how much can be chewed.

Again I stress that I'm neither a doctor nor a pharmacist but I would think that you would become sick of eating ginger before there were any medical side effects.

If you are worried why not try getting the ginger from some or other source such as ginger biscuits, ginger bread, ginger snaps, ginger sticks, crystallized ginger, pickled ginger, etc.
Or just raw ginger.
Peel and wash a piece of ginger cut it into small pieces and just chew a piece when you feel nauseous.

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