Caulking and Painting the Bottom of 65ft Douglas Fir Fishing Boat

by Bill
(Homer Alaska)

I have a 65 ft commercial fishing boat in Alaska.

She was built in 1944 and we are planning to replace some fasteners and properly coat the hull.

Any advice including how long she can be out of the water, where to obtain fastening materials, types of paint and caulking materials would be appreciated.

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Aug 29, 2015
Caulking and painting 65 ft boat
by: cal

Getting it out of the water is a first.

If you have exspereance go for it, if not you may ask a few native fishermen to give you a hand.

In the past I found these gys know their trade.

Fir needs to dry to take paint and if your on the ball get to it before it starts to get cold.

I have striped paint at tweenty below just around the the cornner in the Canadian artic and yes there are paints that work in cold weather.

And the paint companies will give you more info than you can take in, it's their liveing.

Theres new tecknowlage that comes out every day, like replacing a rib.

Now to save time and money theres a new plastic rib, you just cut the deck slide it in beside the old one and your back out on the water.


Good luck put a picture of your boat if you have time, love to watch a project

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