Catamaran Sailboats

by Percio Camargo de Carvalho
(Curitia/PR/Brazil )

Hi everyone on board.

I'm NEW on that stuff, so, please, forgive me some...

I've read some about CATAMARANS, but NOT enough to give me the RIGHT WAY to go...

So, I'm here: I found the CatsPaw an EASY way to have a little Catamaran to learn how to make & use a sailboat for 2 in a Lake.

I live in South of Brazil, and, as you should know, I have NO GOOD TIMBER around... Just 80% SOFTWOOD can be found!...

So, I ask:

1. Is there anyone who did it yet, can I talk to you?

Have you some advice to me about how to do and NOT to do it?)

2. Have you, anyone, heard about any other Project that another wood can be used in place of TIMBER, on a multihull simple "V" shaped stitch and glue construction, connected by a TIMBER (or some. Other) bridge deck, as in the famous WHARRAM DESIGN and that WORKS as the same, with 80% softwood?

3. What about Controlling moisture using design techniques to avoid decay and effective control of termites and other insects and fungal & organisms growing?

4.What about the commercial DIMENSIONS of boards of TIMBER for the job?

The Project of the CATAMARAN CatsPaw . is an American one!...

And what about the nominal dimensions, size of the GREEN, NOT dried wood, rough (unfinished) boards that eventually become smaller finished timber through drying and planing process?

FOR EXAMPLE, 2"x4" green rough, 2 by4 inches, 51X102 mm AFTER DRYING AND PLANNING.

2" X 4" start smaller and NOT specified by standards and after drying & planing is really 1 ½ by 3 ½ inches, 38 X 89 mm.

We here in Brazil ACTUALLY (NOT HISTORICALLY), DOESN'T HAVE a GOOD WOOD (by POLITICAL & . COMMERCIAL reasons) & we use NOT the North Americans System for hardwood Lumber called "QUARTER" & it's NOT used for Softwood!...

And, what's about the Season of cut that Affects the NATURAL COLOR of the TIMBER?

And about NOTCHES ?



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by: Mike

You might consider the Ashcroft planking method.

It is an alternative to either carvel or lapstrake/clinker planking on small boats.

Almost any rot-resistant wood will do that is not too hard, will glue well and bends fairly easily.

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