Barn Find: 1958 Borum Ranger, 15' Cruiser

by Johnny
(Central Florida, USA)

Barn Find - As Found after 35 years

Barn Find - As Found after 35 years

Found this old boat on the local for sale ads.

Went to look at it, thumping all the places I could get to with a
rubber mallet and my hand.

Everything seemed solid and sound.

It has been sitting on a trailer in a barn for over 35 years.

The first thing that I checked was how the boat was riding on the trailer bunks.

As we know, a heavy boat, over time, will give into the pressure and create the inward cupping that is a sure sign of bad things to come.

Well, after 35+ years of sitting on hard pine, the bottom was PERFECTLY flat.

No indication of soft spots or weaknesses.

I would not hesitate to put this
boat in the water as is - just for fun.

But, over the years, the mud wasps had claimed it for their Hotel Hilton and every nook, cranny, crack and crevice had a mud wasp home in it.

The boat had a 1960 Johnson Super Sea Horse 40hp outboard motor that had also succumbed to the mud wasps.

It needs a total overhaul and rebuild.

Upon trying to find what works to remove 3 layers of flaking paint on the bow, I came across a few soft spots and delaminating plywood.

These issues were addressed
in the regular marine wood fashion and now I will be glassing over the entire bow wrapping the glass around the lip where the rub rail is mounted.

The current plan is to only remove loose and scaling paint, prime and repaint.

Top of bow will be painted 2" Faux Mahogany Deck Planks with white painted bedding stripes to simulate the Chris-Craft look and the sides will be 5" Faux Mahogany Boards
to simulate plank built sides.

Since the boat is in such good condition, I should be able to get all this done in a week or so . . .

I want to spray the interior with a white/brown spatter epoxy paint.

The motor, will of course, take much longer.

The seller thinks this boat is a 1958.

But since the motor is a 1960, the boat may be a '60 also.

Any notes, suggestions, etc will be most welcomed.

Johnny in Central Florida

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Mar 06, 2019
by: Mary

In 1958 my father worked for Borum boats.

We lived in lived in Jacksonville Florida, my sister was born in 1958 in Jacksonville.

My dad worked for Borum boats and used to build boats in our driveway.

Aug 03, 2018
Borum's being featured at boat show
by: Bill Wehunt

Third annual RRR (resins,rivets, & rots) at Island Lake (Orange Springs Fl) Will feather Borum boats All models welcome.

The Otis Borum Family lives here at lake, and Don will also be here.

The dates are Oct.26,27,28 2018 Call 352-546-1396 for details.

No registration fee.

Nov 18, 2015
Borum boats
by: Eddie Daniels

Your find is a post 1960 borum runabout.

These boats were built by Otis C. Borum in Jacksonville Fla.

My family had a 1958 Borum Luxory Liner.

I now have a 1957 Borum Starchief.

These boats were paints colors on bottom and decks and interior were all varnished bright work.

1960 and later had the Borum Emblem mounted on both rear quarters.

1959 and previous had red and silver Borum decals placed midway above rub rails.

I may not know much but I know my Borum Boats.

I have pictures and slides of the boat I grew up with and have 3 original Borum boats sales catalogues.

Oct 19, 2015
My Borum find
by: Kassfarm

Just picked up a Borum.

The previous owner thought it to be a "53" Ranger.

I am looking for resources to positively identify.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Sep 26, 2015
A little more info on the Borum
by: Johnny

Wow -
I had the honor and distinct pleasure to have Mr. Don Borum, son of Otis Borum at my home today to check out my Borum Cruiser.

Come to find out, he lives not far from me and another Borum owner just happened to cross paths with me and it all came together.

The boat that I have came off the assembly line as a general purpose utility boat.

No fancy mahogany like the family cruisers and runabouts.

Don shared so much history and lore that it was hard to take it all in.

Otis Borum named all the different styles of boats after automobiles.

The style I have was named after the 1959 Ford Edsel "Ranger".

The work will continue to go forward now with more of a purpose to make Otis and his son, Don, proud of their contributions to the boating world.

Aug 16, 2015
moving forward (at a steady pace).
by: Johnny

I have been concentrating on the bow as it is
the largest project to tackle.

Also, it is the most vulnerable right now because it is out in the elements under a tent and any water on it will only cause the wood joints to open and create more problems than is already there.

As of 08/16/2015 the bow is totally glassed over and is being smoothed out for priming and painting.

Now, it is somewhat weatherproof.

Being in Central Florida, we see a lot of rain every day now.

The current project is to get the bow and side rails smooth, primed and a base coat put down.

Then, lightly sand and prime the sides as they are in almost pristine condition.

The painting should begin next week, weather permitting.

I will paint a Faux Mahogany Plank pattern.

Aug 16, 2015
Your barn find
by: Barb

What a cool barn find.

Mine is of the same era.

Good solid crafts for sure.

Good luck with the motor too and please keep sharing pictures along the way.

Our boats are so similar I'd like to follow your restoration.



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