Antifreeze for killing rot spores. Drying time"

by Paul
(St. Augustine, Florida)

I've read a lot about using antifreeze for killing rot and took the leap.

My question has to do with the time of drying.

I have a cold molded boat in which rain water accumulated inside the epoxy coated marine plywood hull while the PO stored her.

I've dried the boat and then removed the top rotted bad veneers of wood and then liberally coated the exposed vaneer with concentrated EG antifreeze.

It's now been close to a week and although some areas seem to be drying out other areas seem to be holding the antifreeze and is oily in feel.

Do I just have to wait this out or did I use too much and I'm in trouble?

My intentions are once it's dry, to skim the top of the ply with thickened epoxy and a layer of cloth and then keep it dry and very well ventilated.

Any advice will be helpful.


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killing rot spores
by: J Jarvis

Think Mikes got you going in the direction you need to go.

Pictures would really help.

Nice to hear you did your homework on the none poison glycol, and yes it does have an oily texture to it, check with the manufacture about it first

There are the blue and the yellow brands.

Then try heat gun small patch wear a mask, if its mold it creates a stain it may just look like oil, if its dry rot.

Do the math, how thick the glass separation is nice for it can be cut out.

Mold is a real problem in glass boats, poor ventilation is one.

And like I said pictures give a trades man a better idea of what you need.

Can’t say I have seen it all but over time you pick up on everything from health hazards to that’s not right.

Good luck Cal

Oily Patches
by: Mike

Um, those ‘oily’ patches sound as though it is something other than just antifreeze?

Antifreeze should just soak in.

You certainly don’t want anything ‘oily’ on the wood prior to epoxying.

I would be inclined to clean it off with something like Acetone.

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