A great site for these great old boats that need homes...

by Craig Teague
(Yucca Valley California U.S.A)

No boat yet.

But a great site for these great old boats that need homes...

This is a great site.

Most all the boats are available..and some of them are FREE....

Anyone who is looking might look fos a project boat might look at saving one.....

The site www.boneyardboats.com

There are many great boats here.

A great site for these great
old boats that need homes.

by: Mike

Bone Yard Boats was founded in 1996 by Virginia "Ginger" Marshall Martus.

Ginger’s youth roaming boat yards and marinas along with her love for old wooden boats lead her to establish “Bone Yard Boats” when one day in 1996 she sought a reprieve for an old boat destined to be destroyed.

What started simply as sending flyers to her friends grew into a nautical newsletter with an international audience.

Bone Yard Boats has a website but the mission remains the same: to "help save old boats".

This is also the reasoning behind DIY Wood Boat.

Many years ago, when I bought my very first little cruising (plywood) boat there were, in the boat yard where I kept her a couple of lovely old wooden sailing cruisers.

At first it didn't dawn on me that they had been abandoned.

And when I did find out, I found it hard to believe, it was just inconceivable to me that anyone could leave them to rot.

One in particular had clearly been a little gem in her heyday.

I kept hoping that someone would buy her and restore her to her former glory.

Back then, I had neither the courage to take her on nor any knowledge of how to go about it.

Then one day the yard owners took a chain saw to her!

Along with several others, she was destroyed to make room, on the hard for paying customers, mostly with ugly ‘plastic’ lookalikes.

I now know that these beautiful wooden boats can be restored by anyone with the determination (if I can do it anyone can).

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Apr 18, 2023
Writer in need of a live aboard.
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am a former Class 8 Owner/Operator.

A person new to the United States was not accustomed to women that can handle a forty-ton combination unit.

He oversaturated the exotic plants I was responsible for with the chemical used to keep them alive in transport.

I can no longer drive professionally.

For health reasons and to recover my sense of living my best life I am looking for a houseboat at least 45 feet long and 14 to 20 feet wide.

I prefer a diesel engine and will need to purchase from a nonsmoker.

I am not looking for an abused overworked nuisance repair.

I am looking for a loved boat from a professional moving inland.

I will take such good care of a boat that can be owner financed.

I lost everything through no fault of my own.

No nonsense offers, please.
Thank you!

Jan 02, 2021
Looking for free to live a board Southern NJ
by: Jimmy D

Do you have a boat sitting and getting no Love in your back yard.

Your paying for storage fees and don’t want that boat!

Hard times have hit and looking to live on a boat.

I can clean it up.

Happy New Year

Dec 20, 2020
Looking for a 40+foot sailboat if you can help me in california south
by: shonfoote4@gmail.com

Looking for a sailboat 40 feet in San Diego California or near southern California

Jul 25, 2020
Would like to continue "Ginger's" valuable work!
by: Anonymous

I was deployed to the Mid-East for many years & used to dream of somehow obtaining a great boat by viewing the "Bone Yard Boat" publication.

At that time I did not have the opportunity to invest the time required to refurbish any of the displayed offers, but now that I can, I have found that the source was discontinued in 2017.

Can anyone give me an idea of how to find the curator of that publication, so that I may be able to take over that valuable source of information to continue saving Old Boats?

They did an excellent job, so would be able to point me in the right direction to continue in their footsteps.

Would appreciate any information you have to offer!

Oct 05, 2017
by: Richard Hines

One of the most beautiful boats ever built is named GINGER.

It is therefor appropriate that the owner of this site has the same name.

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