22Ft Old Timber Boat Project - The 'Gypsea Blue'

by Lisa Maree

The boat looked cute in the picture! It has these lovely little round port hole windows, one with a crack but never mind that - I say to myself. And then..... there's the REST of the boat! Yikes! Well, it was a BARGAIN! I say to myself again passionately convincing myself that my decision to buy it was the right one. So here I'm now the proud owner of an old timber half cabin in desperate need of attention. LOTS of attention. Hey, its floats and its registered. WINNING! Or am I?

First things first I've replaced the bilge pump. No more hand pumping water out after each rainy day ERG!

Ill be moving her to my new mooring this week. Then off to the slip for some restoration, anti-fouling and a new paint job inside and out. From there the list will be LONG and it will take me a while.

I've definitely had some doubts since buying her but on each visit I feel totally at peace with her on the water and will give her all the love and care she needs within my time and budget.

I'm open to kind advice - bearing in mind that I know she's real rough! I'm doing this mostly on my own and I know it will be a challenge but I'm really excited!

Wish me luck!

More info to follow......

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Oct 04, 2022
Easy to love!
by: Fair Wind Fasteners

It's hard not to fall in love with beautiful old wood boats isn't it?

This one in particular is easy on the eyes, but I know how you feel about taking on another project.

The last time I bought a boat I called a friend and said, "I think I did something stupid, but it will be fun!"

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