1948 Wood Sloop built in eastern Washington

by John Dodson
(Edna Bay Alaska)

I would like to know more about my new home.

Knowing can help me have a better idea of the quality and kind of wood used and how to keep her in top shape.

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What Michael said ....
by: Harry

What Michael said ....

Would love to see more of this boat , looks like a great boat to spend time on.

by: Cal

Still a few boats like this around.

Some home built by fishermen others by small boat yards.

I would look around lake Washington.

Nice picture had a friend with a similar boat, had a six seventy one in it towed logs with it but it looked like a yacht and he treated it like a lady.

The boat was called the "Arval" same stern and lay out.

Not sure where it was built but it woud move ten section of logs along just nicely.

Perfect fishing speed.

Those were the days and great pay.

Good luck with your hunt, spend a few hours fishing on it and remember it's just wood.

Any old log on the beach is fair game.

More info
by: John Dodson

My new home and potential work boat is 39.9ft. Long and 12.9ft. Beam.

And I got the place wrong it was built in east sound Washington.

I have to go Commercial fishing and will be away from the Internet for a bit.

I will be dock with her later the fall at the end of the fishing season.

Can get more photos then.

More Info Please
by: Michael

We could do with some more details such as her length and beam.

And some more photographs, preferably beam on.

If you hunt around below decks you might find a builders plaque or registration numbers on the main beam.

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