1901 sloop "Herald"

by Caroline Edwards

2010 saw this little lady and fell in love

2010 saw this little lady and fell in love

2010 saw this little lady and fell in love starting to strip her paint red putty and cotton back in the water and and is looking good.

1901 sloop "Herald".

She was originally a yawl but the mizzen mast was removed in the 1930s


I have taken my boat out of the water last Nov to re antifoul her.

My partner at the time and I stripped her completely and brought her hull back up.

Looking closely now I have found cracks in the red putty I put on v soft under her anti foul not everywhere but in some places.

I stripped where the hull was wet I guess.

I will have to take out the putty and replace..

I don't know with what other than 3M 5200 adhesive sealant which I can't get or not sure I can afford it or that matter.

I'm on my own (novice) and am worried I may have to strip the hull completely.

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I'm sure that that will be fine.
by: Mike

Yea, I'm sure that that will be fine.

I take it that you are aware that she will take time to ‘take up’.

I added linseed oil
by: Caroline

It that's so then Mike I can just prime her and re anti foul over those cracks where she's been stripped...

I added linseed oil when we first did her to the putty.

I really wanted to avoid buying red putty this time cos I won't need so much of it.

normal for the putty to develop cracks
by: Mike

Hi Caroline,

It is quite normal for the putty to develop cracks when the boat is out of the water for a while.

Once she goes back in the water she will ‘take up’ and the cracks get squeezed tight.

Next time you mix up some red led putty add a little grease to the mix, this will help keep it soft.

3M 5200 is, I'm sure, wonderful stuff but not really suitable for use on an old boat’s planking, it doesn’t like oily or damp wood.


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