by Peter Collins

“Zeus” was built in 1933.

The shed will be gone!!

My aim is to take the shed off, do away with the deck up till approx 10' from the front apart from a small walk way ( sorry for the technical non know how).

Then to give some headroom inside, a higher cabin space rising to a wheel house / lounge/ extra 2 berths at the aft!!! (get me)!!!

Just for space for a shower and loo and galley area( once again get me)!! I think

Zeus is beautiful, but requires a heck of a lot of attention, I'm prepared to give it my all.

I hope with my skills ( and the help of others)!! I know in the not too distant future, my questions will be the size of engine and stuff like that?!!

Lots to learn about her and how to make her special !!

There are some beautiful Thames cruisers out there, hopefully with some elbow grease and a very deep pocket I'll make her look something to be proud of!

I can't wait to start really, but she's moored so far away at the moment!

Coming home ( nearer ) in the next few weeks!!

She is quite a confusing shape, as there is nothing for definite that I've seen!

A sister vessel etc!

I'm sure in my travels over the next few years, her history will reveal itself.

Another quick question if I may be so cheeky!?

Is there a rule of thumb as to what I can / should do to the top of her , cabin wise?

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Sep 21, 2017
Kent water 2
by: Captncruise

Hi, we owned a similar vessel, Kentwaterii in 172-75.

We lived aboard in Cobbs Quay Poole with 3 kids.

She was one of the Dunkirk little ships.

Powered by a 4 cylinder ford diesel which had been marinised.

There was a galley and heads in the bow and a long saloon with two single bunks and a dinette.

Above the engine was a wheel house and a small aft cabin with two child bunks.

Our youngest slept in a hammock.

I have a photo somewhere that I will post if I can find it.

Please email me captncruise@yahoo.com and let me know how the restoration is going and if I can help with any questions.

Apr 25, 2014
I’ll bet she was a beauty in her heyday.
by: Mike

Hi Peter,
I’ll bet she was a beauty in her heyday.

It might be worth your while to have a look around her for any traces of her history.
She will no doubt have been registered at Lloyd's, so she should have her registration number etched into the main beam.
If you can find that number Lloyd's will do a search for her history of ownership (for a small fee).
She looks like a typical 1930s motor launch similar to many of the ones that took part in the Dunkirk evacuation such as this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/mm38/7157266807/ moreinformation on her here.
If you get to the Thames Traditional Boat Rally in July at Fawley Meadows, Henley you’ll probably see some similar looking boats.

She is a venerable, old lady well worth restoring to her original elegant appearance.
You never know she may turn out to have been one of those ‘Dunkirk Little Ships’.

Thought might like to have a look at these boats.

They are similar in design to Zeus even though they are in New Zealand.
She looks to be in pretty good shape (apart from the shed on the aft end).
Fabulous to see you making such progress.
PS, if you can establish any historical significance the National Historic Ships UK can also help with advice etc.

And yea, she probably did have a mast but not one that would take a sail.
As you start to work on her you will have to have your archaeologist’s hat on, and look for signs of how she was originally.

And make a date to visit The Thames Traditional Boat Rallyon the 20th  to 21st July at Fawley Meadows near Henley.

Apr 25, 2014
the potting shed
by: Pete

Bearing in mind that I am just working from the photographs, I feel sure that without the potting shed and the paintwork that "Zeus" is pretty well as she was built.

Best Pete

Apr 25, 2014
rule of thumb
by: Mike

Hi Peter,
Only one rule of thumb, get rid of the garden shed, that’s one ‘shed of grey’ too many.

Back when she was built boats such as "Zeus" were not built on a production line.

They were commissioned and although they were built from a basic design the prospective owners could specify modifications such as a covered wheelhouse, etc.
Just came across a photo of another similar design herehttp://www.thamesvintageboatclub.com/gallery2012/index.html#Duchess...

Just looking at the photographs of "Wayfarer", "Duchess May II" and "Zeus" I would say that "Wayfarer" is the closer to "Zeus".

"Duchess May II" looks to have a bit more flare to her bows.

However the paintwork etc on "Duchess May II" is closer to how all of these boats would have looked in their heyday, they would not have been battle ship grey.

It is possible that the covered wheelhouse on "Duchess May II" was a later addition (which isn’t to say that it doesn’t look splendid).

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