wooden row boat

Hi - i have a 14 wooden row boat in need of some repairs.

I am not sure how to proceed, I was thinking I would start by stripping off the old layers of paint.

I thought about penetrating epoxy but that probably will prevent the wood from swelling up when it goes back in the water.

There is a single-layer plank bottom, with anywhere from 1/16" to 1/8" of a gap since it dried out. (it floats, was in the water all last summer) I am not 100% what kind of wood it is.

It is older than the late 1940s Johnson TD20 which came with the boat.

Should I replace the bottom, and how difficult would that be?

Should I try just to strip and repaint, and not get too much into it?

I want the boat to last a bit, I use it almost every weekend in the summer.

If I replace the bottom, what kind of wood will it hold its shape when I remove the existing one?

Any recommended resources to read, or watch to guide me?


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