Wooden, Canadian Canoe

by Adrian Palmer
(Thames Ditton)


I've inherited a wooden canoe from my father, (circa 15ft long by 3ft at the widest point), which I am lead to believe was imported from Canada at the turn of the last century. My Dad bought it in Norwich in the 1950's.

I have no idea what wood was used to make it but a friend believes that it might be cedar?

It was in the loft of a boathouse for 30 years where it dried out so much that it leaked like a sieve. It was then transferred to a garage where it spent the next decade.

I left it outside for the 8 months and floated it in the Thames for two weeks to see if the wood could be encouraged to swell/rehydrate but it hasn't worked and some parts have got worse.

Needs a total refurbish in my humble and inexpert opinion.

It could become a thing of beauty once more given the right attention.

I'll accept offers if anyone out there is looking for a project.


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Oct 11, 2016
by: Adrian

Sorry, all, the boat was sold some time ago. I couldn't work out how to remove the listing.

By pure coincidence I spotted a picture of this very canoe in a pub in Surrey. They must have scraped it from the internet.

United Kingdom

Oct 07, 2016
by: KH

Good Evening, Adrian;

I'm writing to inquire about your canoe. I am working with friiends who recently bought a home in Florida. We are looking for an older canoe to display in their living room. A canoe with history like yours would be perfect!

Would you please let me know if it is still available, the cost, and location? Of course, we would want to learn more about the history too!


Dec 08, 2014
sioux is french for snake
by: Cal

Do some homework check out the British canoe museum.

They have canoes from Canada all donated from the royal family.

And I was not far of peair the prime minister of Canada donated his to charily.

I think it's there and he was French and loves his canoes.

If it were in my yard I would do it for you.

I was born in a boat and have had the privilege of running the Frazer in a canoe, traversed lakes, had them out at sea.

Keep it dry and clean, it make it look new.

It's like a wood ladder. keep it dry it will float like a needle, rock on,

Nov 27, 2014
Nice Boat
by: Cal

Not sure where you are but if you do not wish to spend money on it there are people out there on pinterest.

Take it as is its not junk, its history.

We did build them in high school, they can be skind with vinel canvas epoxy with a thin cot of glass weave.

If it's red ceder, sand it and you will know by the aromatic smell.

A lot of them are pine, it has a pitch smell.

Yellow ceder goes black in time, you can clean it up with duch.

This would be west coast wood.

If its a lake boat bing Great Lakes these boats sell finished for about six grand.

The boats in Ladysmth, you may pay five hundred just for a paddle.

Good luck, there's a story there, like if you had a canoe owned by Preie Trudau you could ask a fortune.

Think large.

May 21, 2014
by: faye

Hey, is your canoe still for sale? Thanks, Faye

Jan 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

Do you know what type of wood your canoe is constructed of and what part of the country do you reside in?


Feb 21, 2010
e-mail sent
by: Anonymous

e-mail sent my friend canoe i will take for free and fix her up

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