Wooden boat maintenance

by David K
(Ontario, Canada)

I am interested in buying a boat down the road from me.

It is a 69 Chriss Craft, 33 ft long.

Overall, the boat is in good condition and the price is right.

My concern is yearly maintenance.

Someone today told me that the corners are the main problem with wooden boats.

This boat has had some fancy work done to its planks so that they do not leak.

What do I have to do each year to preserve it.

David K, Ontario, Canada

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Jun 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

I would like to get a woody looking boat but live on a fresh water lake that goes into salt water.

I was told that a woody would not do well in salt water.

Is there such a thing as a fiberglass boat that lookks like a woody?????

May 25, 2010
wood boat ownership
by: Bill

Hi there, 30ft wow thats a big one!

I just wanted to add a few things.

3m bottom is also called at 5200 bottom.

All it means is that the outside planks were removed and a coating of 3m 5200 adhesive was "painted on, then either planks or cold formed plywood was applied.

If so this is a "good to go" bottom with minimal work needed each year.

If it was epoxied it will become a bit of hell down the road.

The epoxy does not give while the wood will try to. Basically the epoxy will hold tight and the wood fibers will shread..not a pretty site.

Be prepared to repaint your bottom each year and lightly sand everything else adding 1 or 2 coats of varnixh each year, just like antique cars they require work, but man look at them!!

You can put almost as much time into a fiberglass boat and it will look like everyone elses when your done.

If your not sure have a look around for something smaller to start with..try here


Don't let the name fool you, thre are plenty in Ontario on the site as well the main store is in Clayton NY within site of Gananoque (near Kingston)

May 23, 2010
Boat Care
by: Mike

Hi David,

Owing a wooden boat such as your Chris Craft is like owing a piece of fine furniture.

It does require more care than cheap plastic.

But unlike plastic a wooden boat improves with age, providing you care for it.

Caring for your wooden boat however doesn?t have to be a chore, it can be part of the joy of ownership.

I suggest that you find out some more about the ?fancy work? done to the planks.

If she has had what is sometimes referred to as a ?3m bottom?, then OK, but be wary of any epoxy treatment.

May 23, 2010
by: pr

Those pesky corners, once you start working in one it can take 6 months to get out.

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