Wooden Boat Frame

by Robert
(Rockport, TX)

I would like to know what the best wood is for building the frame of a boat; dimensions approx. 75' x 21'.

Any input would be appreciated.


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Framing Timber
by: Anonymous

The favourite timber used for backbones and framing in the US is American White Oak.

White Oak can be used for sawn, bent and laminated frames as well as backbone timbers.

Other possibilities are Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Pitch pine.

Canadian Rock Elm is fine for laminated frames.

These are just suggestions as the best timber is the one that is locally available in seasoned stock at a price that is acceptable.

And preferably from a timber merchant who is sympathetic to your needs.

If using large sections of timber for say the keel it pays to buy it oversize and well before you are ready to cut it to size so it has time to acclimatize as it may shrink.

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