woodboat underside paint

by Daniel Gromek
(Yale Michigan)

I have a 1952 Lyman 14' runabout.

Been sitting in the barn the last 25 years.

I want to redo the bottom paint but am confused buy all this modern paint claims.

I just want to have some fun with it this summer in freshwater and then see if a museum some where would want her.

Can some of you experts give me ideas on what to put on the bottom??

And would anyone know what the original paint colors were for this boat??

Thank you in advance


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Feb 22, 2012
Here's a web page that might help.
by: Chipper

I was recently looking on the web and reading everything I can about restoration work and came across this site lymanboat.com

If you can't find what you are looking for on the page...drop them a note, I am sure they can help.

Feb 22, 2012
Bottom Paint
by: Al

There are plenty of paints out there and it can be confusing and they'll all be expensive.

I can tell you what I have done with my fiberglass Lightning sailboat.

Since the boat is always dry sailed, on the trailer when not sailing, I simply used Interlux topside paint.

Actually I had the boat on a mooring for at least two seasons with this paint.

It's been about 10 years and the paint is still looking great, but that is on a fiberglass boat where the material movement is very small.

I was in a boat show with a boat I built and the exhibitor next to me had a wooden sailboat that he painted with Sherwin Williams house paint and it has held up beautifully with 2 years of usage. Again, dry sailed.

Whatever you use, prepare the surface perfectly and use a top quality marine undercoat.

Preparation and priming can't be stressed enough.

Cost is a factor and the usual brands you see in the boating magazines are pricey, but I have recently seen a display in Lowe's home improvement that had Rustoleum marine paints at a very reasonable price.

Haven't used any but they are a well-known brand.

If you're going to use it a couple of seasons and you keep it on a trailer or lift this really broadens the range of paints and can lower the cost.

If it's going to be in the water all the time, prime and paint with the manufacturers recommended primer and bottom paint.
Personally, I have had great results with Interlux products.

They apply easily and you can get a great finish with a roller and tip it off with a good quality brush.

I have no idea what Lyman painted their boats.

Good luck.


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